Promotional offers via RSS Feeds

What is's RSS feed? offers a RSS feed to allow you to stay up-to-date with our latest promotional offers. Subscribe now to our feed and you'll never miss a single promotion offered by ( currently uses RSS 2.0)

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a XML-based format which lets you subscribe to blogs and websites that offer content in this format. Using web-based or stand-alone RSS readers you can get the latest feeds from all sites you're subscribed to, without having to visit each site individually. By using RSS, you're in control of which sites you subscribe to and you'll only receive feeds from those sites.

How to subscribe to's RSS feed?

There are two ways to subscribe to our feed. If you're using one of the following web-based RSS readers, click on the appropriate icon below to subscribe.



If your web-based RSS reader is not listed or if you're using a stand-alone reader, then just copy the link of the 'XML RSS 2.0' button below into your reader subscription area.


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