Punch! Home & Landscape Design with NexGen Technology
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Product Information

Home and Landscape Design is the entry level home design package which allows you to begin designing your dream home immediately. The QuickStart feature allows you to drag and drop rooms into place, size to the appropriate dimensions, and automatically build a roof. Also, you can now save energy and money by going green. "Building Green" tips are integrated to help you every step of the way. Insert the included "green" objects, from tankless water heaters and bamboo flooring to wind generators, to fine tune your design. Find out why it is no accident Punch! is the best-selling home design software on the market.

An all new code base allows Punch Software! to offer new features and enhanced performance while maintaining the features you loved in their previous versions. Because of this combination of compatibility with previous versions mated with new features, they have labeled this NexGen technology, emphasizing our focus on the future as well as differentiating this as a completely new product.

  • Building Green
  • Outdoor Living
  • Home Design/Interior

Included Tools:
  • 3D Custom Workshop
  • Estimator
  • PhotoView
  • Framing Editor
  • Cabinet Designer
  • LogiCursor
  • Real Model
  • Topography Tools
  • Precision Lighting Planner
  • PlantFinder
  • Trim Library
  • Landscaping Tools
  • Deck Design
  • Windows Vista Compatible

Product Highlights
Smart Rooms - Intelligent room detection gives you complete automation that changes when you change the size or shape of your design, including the roof!

Video Tutorials - Over 100 minutes of live video directly in the software to help you be productive right out of the box.

3D Custom Workshop - Professional CAD capabilities bring real power to customization and replication.

Speed and Performance - Up to 26 times faster rendering speed than our competitors.

LogiCursor - Intelligent cursor helps you quickly snap and align walls.

Photo-Realistic Cabinets, Doors, and Outdoor items - Make your designs more realistic than ever before.

Auto Roof Generation - Roofing is now generated automatically and can be easily modified.

New 3D Objects - Expanded library with stunning looks to bring your design to life -- includes home theatre items.

Support Services - Quickly locate support information such as our FAQ or contact our US based support professionals by phone or email.

Integrated Online Shopping - Instantly search for thousands of building related items and even purchase without ever leaving the application.

Large Format Prints of Your Design - Done with your design and ready to share with the world? Utilize Punch! printing services to easily order floor plan prints.

Professional Contractors - Utilize our search service to locate contractors in your area who can help make your design a reality.

QuickStart - The fastest way to get your design project moving quickly

Building Green - Green feature includes eco-friendly tips and ideas that save energy and money

Product Features
  • Video tutorials (product specific)
  • Pre-drawn room templates for quick, easy home layout
  • QuickStart - fast and easy home layout
  • Building Green design tips
  • Building Green objects and materials
  • Drag and Drop Interior/Exterior Texture Libraries - carpet, paint, wallpaper, siding, brick, rock, stucco, wood, mulch, gravel, roofing, groundcover and more
  • Automatic roof generation
  • Automatic floor plan dimensioning
  • Dedicated deck design tools
  • Home and landscape estimating
  • SmartRooms
  • Cabinet Designer tool
  • Expanded, updated object library - includes home theater items
  • LogiCursor snaps walls to midpoints, endpoints, intersections
  • Color Sampling - interior design tool
  • Brand name content
  • Real time walk and fly through
  • Vista compatible
  • Fast rendering
  • Patented RealModel technology
  • PhotoView
  • Trim library
  • Decorator Palette
  • Automatic framing tool
  • Landscape topography
  • Automatic straight and curved stair/railing generator
  • Integrated service links - large format printing/plotting, contractor searches, etc.
  • Photo-realistic anti-aliasing technology
  • Definable sun location for shadows
  • 2D and 3D CAD object designer
  • 3DS import
  • Export to most poplar file formats (jpg, bmp, psd, png, tga, wmf)

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista
  • Intel Pentium 3, Celeron or compatible 1.0 GHz processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 5.25 GB of Hard Drive space
  • VGA Video Card displaying at least 1024 x 768 with 32-bit color
  • 64 MB Video Card Memory
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Two button mouse; three button  mouse with wheel recommended
  • Internet access required to utilize some features
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