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Technology that thinks as you draw

Product Information

Punch! ViaCAD Version 6 2D/3D is the easy way to precision design, with tools that do the thinking for you while you create.  LogiCursor anticipates your next stop with constant feedback, while ViaCAD's one-click interface lets you toggle between 2D and 3D for quick and precise editing changes - and see your results update automatically as you go back and forth between views. Start designing fast with the "startup video" that dhows you how to draw with ViaCAD, and get the information you need to build your designs with over 80 minutes of video tutorials.  With over 350 design tools and 26,000+ integrated symbols and parts, ViaCAD 2D/3D is great for architectural, conceptual, and mechanical design as well as modeling.

Product Benefits
  • LogiCursor Thinks as You Draw - Simple interface with LogiCursor technology aids in visually anticipating your moves, partnering with you in the design process.
  • 2D/3D Seamless Interface - Toggle between 2D and 3D with one mouse click.  Start in 2D, add 3D with surface solid modeling tools, then click back to 2D, making precision editing a snap.
  • Effortless Cross-Platforming and Compatibility - Share your files among Mac and PC ViaCAD users; import and export in formats including AutoCAD, .DWG, Adobe Illustrator, and Punch! .POB object files.

Product Highlights

Draw it with LogiCursor

  • Quickly Create 3D Objects - Convert simple 2D line profiles to 3D on the fly, and view from any angle.
  • Instant 2D/3D Views - A single mouse click automatically toggles your drawing and tool set between 2D and 3D.
  • Video Tutorials - Step-by-step instruction teaches fundamentals and tips for 2D/3D tools.
  • LogiCursor 2D/3D - LogiCursor automatically identifies and snaps to locations of centers, endpoints, midpoints, tangents, and many more as you draw.

Easy to Get Started Fast

  • Trace from a Bitmap - Import bitmap image, and trace with 2D tools to create an outline.
  • Create an Idea from Scratch - Use the 2D toolset to sketch an outline of your idea.
  • Turn Your Idea into 3D - Lathe your outline into 3D with two mouse clicks.
  • Add Features to Refine - Add and remove material using feature-based modeling tools.
  • See Results Fast - Quickly change view orientation, colors, and lighting.
  • Create Prototypes - Precise and accurate, your design is ready for rapid prototyping.  Export options allow you to "3D print" your design.
  • Annotation - Add key measurements and locations to your drawing.  ViaCAD supports mechanical and architectural standards.
  • Simple 2D Editing - Make rapid modifications with pushing, pulling, and stretching tools.  2D changes automatically update in 3D.
  • Import Punch! Home Design Objects - Import objects from your Punch! Home Design products directly into your drawing.  Convert between 2D and 3D automatically.
  • Import Objects from Google SketchUp - Downloadable parts, objects are more available online through Google SketchUp.

Precise, Dynamic, and Easier to Use
  • Custom Walls - Create custom walls using different component thickness, color, and fill pattern. Quickly identify different wall tapes such as exterior and interior.
  • Over 26,000 Integrated Symbols - Drag and drop symbols including doors, windows, mechanical, electrical, fasteners, CMOS, HVAC, LAN, and more.
  • Options for Pro 2D Drawing - Use industry-standard cross-hatching and solid fills, as well as 26 styles for dimensioning.
  • Intelligent Walls - Walls automatically heal when positioned next to other walls. Quickly explore new wall configurations by dragging or precisely changing parameters that control length, angle, and thickness.
  • Door and Window Features - Add intelligent features such as doors and windows with just a few mouse clicks.  Or design a custom feature using the Insert Group into Wall tool.
  • Architectural Detailing - Let ViaCAD automatically add dimensions to your walls.  Or selectively add key measurements to doors and windows using callouts and labels.  Quickly identify room regions using single click filling and hatching.

Take Your Drawing to the Next Dimension
  • Local Face Editing - Provides tools to modify parts independent of previous construction history.  Great for working with parts designed from other CAD systems such as AutoCAD, Pro/E, or SolidWorks.
  • Feature Operations - Intelligent features allow you to edit parts using blending, chamfering, holes, bosses, shelling, and bending tools.
  • Add and Remove Tool - Use Boolean tools to add, subtract, and intersect parts, generating complex parts from simple ones.
  • Analysis Tools - Calculate precise volumes, weights, interferences, center of gravity, moments of inertia, and other critical data associated with parts.
  • Convert 2D Profiles into 3D - Quickly lathe, extrude, sweep, and skin 2D profiles into 3D shapes.

The Power You Expect - and So Much More
  • Create 3D Prototypes - Instantly convert your ViaCAD vile to STL, for 3D prototype modeling, with a single mouse click.
  • Section Cuts - Generate section views through 3D models.
  • Twist and Bend - Twist or bend parts and still maintain precision NURBS data.
  • Shell-Hollow Part - Creates a thin-wallet object, automatically.
  • Complex Blending - Create constant and variable radius blends on complex models.
  • Auto-generate 2D - Automatically generate side, front, top, and isometric views from 3D models.  Create section, auxiliary detail, and section views.
  • Associative Surface Modeling - Create surfaces associative to defining curves.  Stitch into solids to perform feature operations.
  • History-Based Modeling - Use Concept Explorer to examine design history.  Change parameters and watch the part update.
  • Planar Area Properties - Professional feature for mechanical or architectural engineers needing precise 2D section properties.

Product Features - 2D
  • Easily toggle between 2D or 2D/3D
  • Same intuitive user interface for 3D and 3D tools
  • Concept Explorer
  • Customizable Key Shortcuts
  • Prompt Window
  • Data Entry Window
  • Object Info Window
  • Tool Tips and Hints
  • Video Tutorials
  • Tool Help
  • Tool Cursors
  • Multiple Monitor savvy
  • Customize background and foreground colors
  • Small or large tool palette option
  • User defined Views, Work Planes, and Pen Styles
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo
  • User-defined  Working Units-Inches, Feet, Feet/Inches, Millimeter, Meters
  • Precision Alignments
  • Global Coordinates system
  • Customizable User preferences
  • Cross-platforming, Mac and PC
  • File Wizard for Quick Start up for Architectural or Mechanical users

  • Snaps for intelligently locating x, y, z drawing positions
  • Anticipates next action
  • Provides drawing options
  • Mid points, end points
  • Centers
  • Intersections (Real and Extended)
  • Dynamic Axis Locking
  • Along Axis Alignments
  • Snap Filters
  • Tangents and Perpendiculars
  • Works in 3D and 2D

Data Management
  • Layers and Sub Layers
  • Isolate Layer
  • Increment/Decrement Layer
  • Layer Locking
  • Layer Color Override
  • Object Show/Hide Tools
  • Automated File Backups
  • Group and Ungroup
  • Lock and Unlock
  • File Properties

  • Standard Top, Bottom, Front, Side, Back, Isometric, Trimetric Views
  • User-defined views
  • Zoom - In/Out, Previous, All
  • Window, Home, Ratio, to Scale, to Selected
  • Wheel Button Zoom, Rotate, and Scroll
  • Space Bar Panning
  • 3Dconnexion Support
  • Multiple Viewpoints
  • 2 and 4 Color Gradient Backgrounds
  • Image Backgrounds

2D Creation
  • Point Tools at location and along curve
  • Line Tools:  Line Two Points, Connected, Midpoint, Parallel, Double Line, Construction Line
  • Arc Tools:  Start, End, On Center Point; Start, End; Start, On, End; Start, Tangent, End; Start, End, Center Side
  • Circle Tools:  One Point Circle; Start, On, End; Opposite Points; Center, On; Tangent 3 Curves; Tangent 2 Curves
  • Conic Tools:  2 Point Start, End; 3 Point (Start, End, Slope, Rho); 4 Point (Start, End, Slope, On)
  • Ellipse Tools:  Center, Diagonal; Two Diagonals; Opposite Points; Center 3 Points; Major Axis 3 Points
  • Polygon Tools:  Rectangle, Inscribed, Circumscribed, Arbitrary Points, From Curves; Rounded Rectangle; Slot Rectangle
  • Spline Tools:  Fit through Points; Control Polygon; Bezier; Sketch; On Surface; Add/Remove Point; Modify/Set Slope; Change Type

2D Editing and Utilities

  • Dynamic modification of positions and tangencies
  • Fillet:  Fillet Two Curves; Fillet Three Curves
  • Spline Fill
  • Chamfering: Chamfer by Length; Chamfer by Angle; Corner
  • Trim, Extend, Segment
  • Region Trim
  • Divide, Break At
  • Connect, Join
  • Offset By Value or To Location
  • Transformations:  Translate, Rotate, Mirror; Scale (and Non-uniform); Linear Duplicate; Polar Duplicate; Translate Along Path; Align, Stretch, Twist; Dynamic Arrays
  • Verify:  2 Point Distance and Angles; Maximum Distance; Curve Lengths; 2D Planar Properties (Area, Centroid, Principle Moments); Dynamic Curvature Plots; Curvature Circle
  • Selecting:  Single or Partial Box Ambiguity; Mask, Deep

  • Pen Weights, Patterns, Styles
  • Dimension Tools:  Smart Dimensions; Horizontal, Vertical, Parallel; Chain and Baseline; Ordinates; Radial and Diameter; Center Marks; Leaders and Callouts; Angular; Tolerances and User Settings; Stacked, Dual, Fractions
  • Hatching:  Industry-standard Cross-Hatching; Iso and Din Standards; Metal and Mineral Categories; Custom Angles and Spacing; Single Click Hatching
  • Fill Patterns:  Solid Color and Patterned; Associative hatch fill and color; Single Click Filling
  • Bill of Materials:  Export Comma Delimited File; Automatic Table Creation; Automatic Balloons for labeling
  • Text Tools:  Horizontal, At Angle, Within Box, Along Curve, Extrude, Lathe, Sweep into 3D

Automated 3D to 2D
  • Generate 2D drawings automatically from 3D models
  • Scalable Draw Views
  • Section Views
  • Detail Views
  • Auxiliary Views
  • Predefined Drawing Templates

Precision Kernel - Precise ACIS kernel for Spatial serves as foundation for NURBS and analytic-based geometry definitions.

Architectural Tools
  • Intelligent Parametric Walls
  • Automatic Healing
  • Automatic Wall Dimensions
  • Intelligent Doors and Windows
  • Insert Objects into Walls
  • Architectural Drawing Page Wizard
  • Architectural Dimension Standards
  • Custom Wall Styles and Components

Product Features - 3D

  • Section/Slice
  • Wireframe and Phong Views
  • Workplace Orientation
  • Object Counts
  • Animation Tools
  • Mouse Navigation
  • Tape Measure

Verification Tools
  • 2 Point Distance and Angles
  • Lengths and Minimum Distance
  • Interference Detection
  • Mass Properties (Volumes, Weight, Centroids, Inertia, Principle Moments)
  • Dynamic Curvature Plots
  • 3D BoundingBox

Lighting - Ambient, Distant, Point, Spot

Surface Modeling
  • Infinite Plane:  X, Y, Z Axis Aligned; Normal plus location; By three points; Along a curve
  • Nets (MxN curve network)
  • Skin Surface:  Draft angles and Magnitude; Perpendicular Take Offs; Simplify Option
  • Ruled Surface
  • Cover Surface:  Planar and Non Planar; N-Sided Edges
  • Revolve Surface:  2 Pt Revolve; About Curve Revolve
  • Extrude by Vector
  • One Rail Sweep:  In place sweeping; Perpendicular sweeping
  • Two Rail Sweep - Maintain Height option
  • Tube/Pipe Surface
  • Thicken Surface to Solid
  • Associativity for rapid design modifications

Surface Utilities
  • Plane/Surface Intersection
  • Project Curve to Surface Imprint Option
  • Surface/Surface Intersection
  • Curve/Surface Intersection
  • Silhouette Curve Calculation From View or User Vector
  • Explode Surface Edge
  • Project Curve to Plane:  Work Plane; XY, XZ, YZ Planes; Select Infinite Plane

Solid Modeling
  • Solids from Primitives:  Sphere, Block, Cylinder, Cone, Torus, Prism, Pyramid, Ellipsoid, Slab
  • Lathe Profile
  • Extrude Profile:  Vector, Distance, To Object, Mid plane, Thin extrude
  • One Rail Sweep:  Sweep in Place, Rigid; Perpendicular, to Object; Twist and draft; Parameters
  • Two Rail Sweep - Maintain Height option
  • Cutout from profile - By Distance
  • Protrusion from profile:  Terminate at Face, Distance or Body; Draft Angle option; By Distance
  • Solid from sections (Skin Solid)
  • Pipe Solid - By inner/outer diameter
  • Branched Solid - Up to five branches
  • Associativity between curves and resultant solids
  • Profile Add, Replace, Remove Curve

Curve Modeling - Points, Lines, Splines, Arcs, Ellipses, Conics

Feature Operations
  • Feature-based modeling
  • Parametric Features
  • Feature/History Tree Shelling:  Constant Wall Thickness; Editable multi-wall thickness
  • Option to keep shelled core
  • Holes:  Simple, Counterbore, Countersink; Through body, To face, To depth
  • Bosses
  • Constant Radius Blends:  Vertex, Elliptical Section, Circular Section, Multi-Edge
  • Variable Radius Blends:  Linear, By Position, By Curve Map, Fixed width
  • Constant Length Chamfers:  One Length, Two Length, Length/Angle, Vertex
  • Variable Length Chamfers:  Two Lengths, Two and Four Length Chamfer Lengths and Angles, By Position, Fixed Width
  • Bending:  2 Point bend axis; Center Line Bend; Bend Angle and Radius; Warp, Twist, Stretch; NURBS objects

Solid Modeling Utilities
  • Boolean Operations
  • Add, Subtract, Intersect
  • Trim
  • Split
  • Thicken:  Surface to Solid, Existing Solid
  • Thin Existing Solid
  • Stitching Surfaces to Solids:  User-defined tolerances; Healing and repair; Tolerant edges; NURBs to Analytic Simplify

Local Face Editing
  • Use Local Face Tools to modify imported files which do not have history or feature parameters
  • Draft, Match, Move, Offset, Remove, and Replace Face

Data Exchange
  • Google SketchUp
  • IGES and STEP
  • Adobe Illustrator (V8)
  • Rhino 3DM (Import Only)
  • STL (ASCII and Binary)
  • BMP (Import, Export)
  • JPEG (Import, Export)
  • PICT (Mac Only)
  • WaveFront OBJ (Import, Export)
  • CGM (Import Only)
  • 3D Studio (Import Only)
  • TurboCAD Mac Native File Support V1, V2, V3
  • Punch! Home Design object (Import Only)
  • Publish to Web

Part Library
  • 26,000+ Part Library
  • 2D and 3D Symbols
  • Drag and Drop Parts
  • Dynamically Position
  • Mechanical:  2D Mechanical Fasteners; Inch and Metric; High Strength Fasteners; Pins, Washers; Welding Symbols; GD&T; Title Blocks and Borders
  • Electrical:  Logic devices (TTL); IEC, JIC, and ANSI Symbols; Printed Circuit Board; Components
  • AEC:  Posed Human Figures; Road Signs; Windows, Doors; Marine Transports; Ground Transports; Trees and Shrubs
  • Process Plant and Piping:  Process Flow Symbols; Hydraulic and Pneumatic; Heat and Power; Piping Symbols; Plumbing Fixtures

Macintosh System Requirements
  • Macintosh OS X 10.4 - 10.6
  • 512 MB of RAM or greater
  • 2 GB of available hard disk space
  • Mouse/Pointing Device (wheel button recommended)
  • DVD-ROM Drive

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