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Lemmings Paintball
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Experience the reckless rodents as never before when you head up a tribe of Lemmings armed with paint guns and a mission: capture the opponent's flag and splatter any mop-top brethren in the way.

Lemmings Paintball may be the most addictive Lemmings game to date. This time, unlike any other Lemmings game, you are head of a tribe of lemmings armed with pump-action paint guns and a mission.

Negotiate your way through 100+ levels complete with the traditional array of brain-teasing puzzles, booby-traps, catapults and obstacles, your team must battle opponent lemmings teams in the attempt to capture their flags. 
The isometric view and improved user-interface in the game make it easy to navigate and speed up the action, testing the player's reflexes against the trigger-paws of paint-ball-happy opposing lemming teams. Lemmings Paintball is also the first Lemmings title ever to support two-player network play.

"The addition of an isometric environment and paintball combat keeps the classic Lemmings concept fresh," said Richard Biltcliffe, the game's producer.

Product Features

  • Brain-busting puzzles featuring sliding blocks, catapults and more!
  • Charge through a maze of isometric 3D landscapes
  • Over 100 paint-drenched adventures in 4 environments
  • Head-to-Head network play option

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System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/Me
  • 486 DX2 66
  • 8MB RAM minimum (16MB recommended)
  • Double speed CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Sound Blaster or 100% compatible, Gravis Ultrasound
  • 256 color VGA graphics


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