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A comprehensive collection of 2D drafting tools

Product Information

Shark CAD 5 LT provides a comprehensive, yet intuitive collection of 2D drafting tools for architects, engineers, drafters, and other design-related personnel needing to create professional drawings.  Choose from over 26 dimension types and a variety of industry standards to annotate drawing data. Shark LT includes support for ASME Y14.5 geometric dimensioning and tolerances (GD&T) as well as adhering to ISO standards.  Mechanical as well as architectural designers will appreciate the breadth of formatting options for annotating drawings.  Accelerate your drawing generation with Shark LT’s model to sheet functionality.  Create precision 2D drawings from 3D parts based upon technology licensed from Dassault’s CATIA including auxiliary, detail, and section views.  Review and redline drawings using Shark LT’s markup tools. Add labels, comments, and revision clouds while tracking changes using markup tables.

Precision Digital Models - Use Shark LT as your foundation to create precise 3D digital prototypes suitable for concept-to-manufacturing solutions. Based on Dassault’s ACIS modeling kernel, Shark LT maintains precision NURB/analytic forms needed in demanding tasks such as manufacturing or engineering analysis.  Shark LT supports an integrated collection of 2D, 3D, surface, and solid modeling tools.  You choose the tools or combination of tools you need for the task at hand.  Notable tools include numerous spline creation and modification commands, seventeen surface construction methods, blending, chamfering, shelling, stretching, twisting, bending, and foreign part editing tools. All surface and solid modeling operations transparently support associativity and a history tree for rapid design modifications.

Ease of Use - While many packages claim ease of use, few actually deliver. Shark LT not only delivers unprecedented usability, but provides an uncompromised, extensive set of 2D/3D design tools. Shark LT has been designed, from the ground up, to be intuitive for the casual user as well as the professional designer. Keys to the innovative user interface include smart prompting and tips, intelligent snapping through LogiCursor, and over 80 minutes of training videos.

Share Data with Other Solutions - With support for 25+ file formats, Shark LT allows you to share data with numerous design, analysis, rendering, documentation, and manufacturing solutions. Notable among these formats include SAT, IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, VRML, and DXF/DWG. 

Product Features


  • Concept Explorer to examine and modify relationships and construction history

  • Prompt Window for prompting designer through commands

  • Data Entry Window for explicit creation and modification

  • Object Info Window

  • Tool Tips & Hints

  • Tool Help & Tool Cursors

  • Multiple Monitor Savvy

  • Customize background colors

  • Small or large tool palette option

  • User defined views & work planes

  • Unlimited Undo & Redo

  • User Defined Working Units


  • Intelligent Snaps

  • Mid Points, End Points & Centers

  • Intersections (Real and Extended)

  • Dynamic Axis Locking

  • Along Axis Alignments

  • Snap Filters

  • Tangents and Perpendiculars

  • Works in 3D as well as 2D

Data Management

  • Layers and Sub Layers

  • Isolate Layer

  • Increment/Decrement Layer

  • Layer Locking

  • Layer Color Override

  • Object show/hide tools

  • Automated File Backups

  • Group and Ungroup

  • Lock and UnLock

2D Creation

  • Point & Line Tools

  • Arc & Circle Tools

  • Conic Arcs & Ellipse Tools

  • Polygon Tools

  • Spline Tools (Through, Bezier, CV)

2D Editing & Utilities

  • Dynamic modification of shapes

  • Fillet & Spline Fill

  • Chamfering

  • Trim, Extend & Segment

  • Region Trim, Divide & Break At

  • Connect, Join

  • Offset By Value or To Location

  • Transformations


  • Pen Weights, Patterns, Styles

  • 26 Dimension Tools

  • Hatching

  • Fill Patterns

  • Bill of Materials

  • Text Tools

  • GD&T

  • Datums

  • Feature Control Frames

  • GD&T True Type Font

Markup Tools

  • Pencil and Markers

  • Revision Clouds

  • Markup Tables

Automated 3D to 2D

  • Automatically generate 2D drawings from 3D models

  • Scalable Draw Views

  • Section & Detail Views

  • Auxiliary Views

  • Predefined Drawing Templates

Part Library

  • 30,000+ Part Library

  • Drag and Drop Parts
  • Dynamically Position

Data Exchange

  • SketchUp



  • Adobe Illustrator (V6)

  • Rhino 3DM (Import Only)

  • STL (ASCII and Binary)

  • SketchUp Import

  • PICT (Mac Only)

  • CGM (Import Only)

  • 3D Studio (Import Only)

  • TurboCAD Mac

Verification Tools

  • 2 Point Distance & Angles

  • Lengths & Minimum Distance

  • Interference Detection

  • 2D Planar Properties (Area, Centroid, Principle Moments)

  • Dynamic Curvature Plots


  • Standard Top, Bottom, Front, Side, Back, Isometric & Trimetric Views

  • User defined views

  • Zoom Tools

  • Lights

  • Distant, Point, Spot

Surfacing Modeling

  • Infinite Planes

  • Nets (MxN curve networks)

  • Skin Surface

    • Draft angles and magnitude

    • Perpendicular take offs

    • Simplify Option

  • Ruled Surface

  • Cover Surface

    • Planar and Non Planar

    • N-Sided Edges

  • Revolve Surface

    • 2 Pt Revolve

    • About curve revolve

  • Extrude by Vector

  • One Rail Sweep

    • In place sweeping

    • Perpendicular sweeping

  • Two Rail Sweep

    • Maintain height option

  • Tube/Pipe Surface

  • Thicken Surface to Solid

  • Associativity for rapid design modifications

Surface Utilities

  • Plane/Surface Intersection

  • Project Curve to Surface Imprint Option

  • Surface/Surface Intersection

  • Curve/Surface Intersection

  • Silhouette Curve Calculation

  • Explode Surface Edge

  • Project curve to plane

Solid Modeling

  • Solids from Primitives

  • Lathe & Extrude Profile

  • One & Two Rail Sweep

  • Cutout from profile

  • Protrusion from profile

  • Solid from sections

  • Pipe Solid

  • Branched Solid

  • Associativity between curves and resultant solids for rapid design modifications

Feature Operations

  • Feature based modeling

  • Parametric Features

  • Feature/History Tree

  • Shelling
    • Constant Wall Thickness

    • Editable multi wall thickness

    • Option to keep shelled core

  • Holes

    • Simple, counterbore, countersink

    • Through body

    • To face, To depth

  • Bosses

  • Shelling

  • Constant Radius Blends

    • Vertex Blends

    • Elliptical Section Blends

    • Multi-Edge Blending

  • Variable Radius Blends

    • Linear Blends

    • By position

    • By curve map

    • Fixed Width Blends

  • Constant Length Chamfers

    • One Length

    • Two Length

    • Length/Angle

    • Vertex

  • Variable Length Chamfers

    • Two Lengths

    • Two Length Chamfer

    • Four Length Chamfer

    • Lengths and Angles

    • By position

    • Fixed width

  • Bending

    • 2 Point bend axis

    • Center line bend

    • Bend angle and radius

Solid Modeling Utilities

  • Boolean Operations

    • Add, Subtract, Intersect

  • Trim & Split

  • Thicken

    • Thicken surface to solid

    • Thicken existing solid

    • Thin existing solid

  • Stitching Surfaces to Solids

    • User defined tolerances

    • Healing & Repair

    • Tolerant Edges

    • NURB to Analytic Simplify

Local Face Editing

  • Use local face tools to modify imported files which do not have history or feature parameters

  • Draft & Match Face

  • Move & Offset Face

  • Remove & Replace Face

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements

  • Windows XP Home, Vista

  • Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon processor

  • 1 GB of RAM or greater

  • 4 GB Hard Drive space

  • Mouse Pointer Device (wheel button recommended)
  • DVD-ROM drive

Macintosh Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.4 / 10.5

  • OpenGL G4 CPU or greater processor

  • 1 GB of RAM

  • 1 GB Hard Drive space

  • Mouse Pointer Device (wheel button recommended)
  • DVD-ROM drive
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