Instant Immersion Japanese Deluxe 3.0 for Windows PC
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Your passport to language fluency!

Product Information

Instant Immersion Japanese Deluxe v3.0 is language learning software that provides multimedia language instruction and reference with content reaching over 20 million users worldwide.  Developed by international linguistic and language experts, each program is strategically designed to meet specific language learner goals and different educational styles.  It utilizes innovative methods and exclusive technology including the Immersion Method and Spoken Error Tracking System (S.E.T.S.).  With the help of a complete language learning system, Instant Immersion Deluxe v3.0 will help you achieve your goals in record time.

Skills Learned

Features instruction in all essential skills:
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing


  • 1 - Language Program DVD-ROM
  • 1 - Interactive Video DVD
  • 1 - Who is Oscar Lake? CD-ROM
  • 5 - Audio Instruction CDs

Product Overview

Includes 5 in-depth audio instruction CDs

  • Learn on the move with this comprehensive audio curriculum.
  • Progressive instruction in all the basics of structure, syntax and grammar.
  • Import audio CD, transfer to your iPod or other MP3 player and go!

Traveling abroad in the near future?

Curious about another culture?  Instant Immersion has the ideal solution to your language learning needs.  Come to know greetings, food and beverage vocabulary, navigation terms and local verbiage to maximize your cultural experience.  Communicate with ease and enjoy your dream trip!  Improve conversational skills with interactive dialogue, and learn about the culture behind the language with engaging activities.


  • Vocabulary for greetings, numbers, getting around, accommodations and more.
  • Oral and written lessons to cover all methods of communication.
  • Over 26 games and activities to make learning fun.

Over 300 hours of instruction

Instant Immersion's programs are utilized by government agencies, powerful businesses and some of the world's finest academic institutions.  Regardless if you work for a Fortune 500 corporation, small business or for yourself, improve success with increased foreign language comprehension.  Gain a competitive edge for your career or augment your current skill set with the Instant Immersion system.  Excel in business with industry-specific vocabulary, and prepare for meetings by practicing business conversations.


  • Gender agreements, calendar terms, greetings and introductions.
  • Audio curriculum customized for learning while traveling.
  • State of the art speech recognition technology to ensure correct pronunciation and accent.
  • Progress instruction with learning options from basic to advanced.

The Next Generation of Language Instruction

Expand on your previous exposure to a new language and move from basic phrases, words and greetings to true fluency.  Comprehend a new language in greater depth and add to your vocabulary with Instant Immersion's wide range of learning tools and find yourself thinking, reading and speaking with ease.  Build your vocabulary with a 10,000 word glossary.  Interactive videos further language comprehension in a fun environment.


  • Interactive software with beginner to advanced instruction.
  • 3D phonetic animations to demonstrate correct movement of the mouth and lips for each word, achieving correct pronunciation.
  • Spoken Error Tracking System to detect errors and other playback of corrected speech.
  • Includes over 300 hours of learning.

Interactive DVD

Learn a new language the EuroTalk way, using broadcast quality video and the latest interactive techniques.  Ideal for travelers, families, business people and students.


  • Works with your DVD player and TV.
  • All phrases and dialogues spoken by male and female native speakers.
  • 10 Quizzes to test your comprehension.
  • Selections include: greetings, at the restaurant, on the phone, business and more.

Who is Oscar Lake?

You're a fugitive in a foreign city, falsely accused of the heist of a precious diamond, in Who is Oscar Lake?  This interactive mystery game allows you to clear your name by following clues in this new language to find the missing jewel.


  • Language immersion in an interactive game format.
  • 3 possible endings that increase in difficulty.
  • 70+ hours of fun language learning.

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
System Requirements

  • Windows XP and Vista
  • Pentium III 650 MHz or higher processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 130 MB Hard Disk space
  • 24X DD-ROM drive
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution
  • 16-bit Graphics Card
  • 16-bit Windows compatible Sound Card
  • Microphone (not included)
  • Speakers or head set
  • Mouse


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1 star(s) Terrible software , bad layout

By senior chief Verified Buyer from las vegas on 11/11/2008

Primary Use: Personal
Cons: Hard To Navigate, Not Much Information
Describe Yourself: Quality Oriented

I bought this hoping to brush up on my Japanese. It is terrible a total waste of money.

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