Sabrina The Teenage Witch
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8 - 12
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Get ready for some magical fun!

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The hit television series, Sabrina, The Teenage Witch now comes to your computer in a hilariously magical CD-ROM adventure game. Sabrina has trapped herself in a miscast spell and needs your help to find the missing spell ingredients that set her free and save the day! Laugh your way through seven wacky predicaments, including "Sabrina, The Teenage Fish" and "Sabrina, Trapped As Cupid." Featuring actual characters and voices from the series.

Look what your pal, Sabrina, has done: She's miscast a spell, she's got herself trapped and now she needs to be un-zapped! Consult her Spell Book, use Magic Tools - Explore her world where magic rules! Find the spell ingredients that have gone astray, Set her free and save the day!

Product Features

  • Get Ready For Some Magical Fun! [Ages 8 - 12]
  • Sabrina has miscast a spell, got herself trapped and needs to be un-zapped!
  • Filled with cool games and puzzles from Drell's wacky "Wheel of Misfortune"
  • Find the spell ingredients that have gone astray.
  • Includes the actual voices of Melissa Joan Hart (Sabrina), Nick Bakay (Salem the Cat )and all your favorite characters including wise Aunt Zelda, flirty Aunt Hilda, Harvey (sigh!) and even Libby (ugh!).
  • Explore Sabrina's world including her bedroom, school and even the Realm itself, filled with cool games and puzzles from Drell's wacky "Wheel of Misfortune!"
  • Use Sabrina's hilarious Magic Tools including Truth Sprinkles, Monster Drops, the Time Ball, the Crazy Camera and more - but be forewarned: use them incorrectly and it's off to the Realm for you!
  • When you've set Sabrina free you will earn your own official Witch's License!

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Windows Requirements

Windows 95/98/Me or XP ; 640x480, 256-color graphics; 16 MB RAM; Pentium 133 MHz or faster; 4x CD-ROM or better; Windows compatible sound card; Mouse

Macintosh Requirements

Power Macintosh; 640x480, 256-color graphics; 16 MB RAM; System 7.5.1 or higher; 4x CD-ROM or better; Mouse

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