Preparing for Kindergarten '08 Learning System
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Preparing for Kindergarten covers all essential subjects and skills

Product Information

Developed by educational experts of Weekly Reader Publishing, The Weekly Reader prepares you with the kindergarten tools needed to help build a child's cognitive skills and enthusiasm for learning.  Includes English, French and Spanish versions.

Learning should be positive, enjoyable, and inspirational.  That is what Weekly Reader Publishing has brought to the nation's classrooms for more than a century.  The Weekly Reader Magazines make learning fun and help teachers meet standards with students in grades Pre-K to 12.  These award-winning periodicals cover social studies, English/language arts, science, reading.  Now, you can enjoy the Weekly Reader Learning System on your computer.

Unique Advantages

See how The Learning System fits in with your unique educational requirements.

  • Learning System for Parents
    By taking a look at your student's syllabus or working closely with their teacher, you can understand which subjects could be supplemented by the Learning System. This is why parental participation is not only encouraged, but highly recommended.  It is also recommended that you understand which areas of their homework can be supplemented by noting which subjects are being taught in their class. The product is not intended to replace school curriculum, but rather expand on it and act as an accessory tool to building your child’s knowledge.  Using the Learning System software has been shown to not only improve grades, but to also encourage independent study habits. Narration, video, and audio in all subjects will adapt to any sort of learning style, and actually compliments learning disabilities by providing those three options. Use Audio Books of your student learns best through listening, watch video presentations if your student learns best by example, or read through a titles chapter’s if your student learns best through reading.
  • Learning System for Home Schoolers
    The Learning System offers great content to reinforce the curriculum used by home schoolers. The software covers key topics at all grade levels to ensure that home-schooled children get a complete and comprehensive education.  The benefits of a supplementary tool as an accessory to home school curriculum are immense. For instance, if there is a subject that your child is experiencing difficulty in, what better way to reinforce their knowledge with complete video demonstrations, comprehensive narrations, and images to spark their imagination.  Even if your child is not experiencing any trouble with understanding their studies, the benefits of the Learning Systems are that they provide information centered on each subject to provide a fuller understanding of what is being learned. Your student may even learn something that they did not know before!
  • Learning System In the Classroom
    The combination of video, audio and images all on one computer will create a positive and independent environment. A student could access the materials in private, in a group setting, or even in a class room setting; making this software perfect for class projects as well.  As confidence is built by understanding, good self-study habits will follow!

Key Benefits

Preparing for Kindergarten helps build learning skills by making education a fun and engaging experience.  Each subject is presented as a series of puzzles that make children think, recognize patterns and work through solutions.  Whether it's introducing children to math or reading - or building brain power by pattern identification, this software helps children develop the skills they need to successfully prepare for kindergarten.

  • Multilingual:  Lessons can be given in English, Spanish or French.
  • Captivating:  Animated figures, descriptive audio and sound effects make learning interesting and entertaining.
  • Dynamic:  Brightly colored graphics capture children's attention and keep them engaged.
  • Motivating:  Different levels of difficulty provide a clear learning path and keep children challenged and interested.
  • Graphical:  Menus feature graphical icons with pop-up descriptors that children can quickly understand.

Skills Learned


  • Ugly Duckling
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Goldilocks
  • Three Little Pigs


  • Letters
  • Words
  • Alphabetical order


  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Calculations
  • Equations
  • Time Tables


  • Sounds
  • Pairs
  • Step by step


  • Spelling
  • Dictation
  • Word search

Educational Features

  • Preparing for Kindergarten covers all the vital core subjects, including reading, writing and math. 
  • It makes these subjects fun and engaging, which helps support the naturally positive attitudes that children have towards learning.
  • When children work with Preparing for Kindergarten, parental participation is definitely required.
  • As children prepare for formal education, they need the encouragement, support and guidance that only parents can provide.
  • Revolutionary multi-sensory technology:  Teaches using audio, video, interactive questions and dynamic graphics.
  • Colorful, graphical menus: Makes learning fun, exciting and interactive.
  • Printable work sheets: Prints out lessons and exercises to help grow motor skills - and for auto trips, airline flights and vacations.
  • Multi-skill learning: Develops all cognitive areas including reading, math, writing, creativity, observation and basic problem solving.
  • Multi-language support: Lessons taught in English, Spanish or French.
  • Parental participation essential: Designed to involve both parent and child.


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Windows Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista 
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Sound System
  • Minimum resolution 1024 x 768

Macintosh Requirements

  • Mac OS X 
  • CD-ROM drive
  • No disk space required
  • No installation required 
  • Sound System
  • Minimum Resolution 1024 x 768


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