Easy Chef's Pies, Pastries & Cobblers
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A large collection of Pie, Pastry, and Cobbler recipes in one cookbook!

Product Information

Ever wonder how the bakery always makes the perfect meringues, and éclairs?  Does it seem like your pie crusts are always soggy or burnt?  Now you can get the recipes and secret tips professional bakers use to create flawless desserts, every time!

Easy Chef's "Pies, Pastries, and Cobblers" dessert recipe software has over 50,000 recipes to choose from, including both classic and unique fruit, nut and cream pies, as well as rich cakes, and award winning cobblers.  This dessert recipe software will help you turn your kitchen into a world-class bakery!

In addition to the thousands of dessert recipes, "Pies, Pastries, and Cobblers" recipe software is also packed with great information that will help both beginners, and experienced bakers improve the taste and presentation of your baked goods.

Product Highlights

Easy Chef's Pies, Pastries, and Cobblers dessert recipe software is full of tips like:

  • How to prevent burnt and soggy crusts
  • How to keep your pie shell from shrinking
  • What to do if your crust isn't flaky
  • How to keep cream filling from curdling
  • and much more!

Product Features

  • Over 50,000 recipes
  • Large collection of Pie, Pastry and Cobbler recipes
  • Powerful search engine
  • Packed with tips and ideas
  • Turn your kitchen into a world class bakery
  • Add your own recipes
  • Create desserts your family and friends thought were purchased at the bakery
  • From easy to gourmet

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  • CD-ROM drive


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