Bomberman Collection Console Games for Windows PC
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3 Classic Bomberman games in one package!

Product Information

The Bomberman Collection brings the excitement of three classic console Bomberman games in one PC package for the first time!  As Bomberman, avoid tricky monsters while strategically placing bombs to destroy your opponents. 

  • Simple and addictive gameplay for all ages
  • Over 15 different power-ups and items
  • Multiple play modes, including normal and 1-5 player battle
  • Includes countless stages and unique levels of bombing fun

Featuring a huge assortment of stages, numerous power-ups and frantic multiplayer modes, Bomberman Collection is a total blast!

Product Titles Included

  • Bomberman
  • Bomberman '93
  • Bomberman World

Product Overview


Sneak into the Mechanical Fortress and rescue the Professor's kidnapped daughter from Black Bomberman.  Eliminate all enemies within the set time limit to move on to the next stage.  Keep an eye out for hidden power-up items, because Bomberman will need everything he can find to make it through the eight rounds and 64 stages!


  • 24 different types of enemy characters
  • Each enemy's moves are slightly different, so study them carefully
  • Once all enemy characters have been eliminated, Bomberman can escape through the gateway
  • When the timer reaches zero, watch out for high-speed enemies

Bomberman '93

Use bombs to defeat all enemies on the stage within the set time period, then move to the next stage through the exit hidden inside soft blocks.
Enemies cannot touch Bomberman while he is standing on a bomb he has set. But he better get out of the way before it blows up, or they'll both go boom!

Blast your way through six rockin' rounds:

  • Quarry Planets
  • Blossom Planets
  • Inferno Planets
  • Wither Planets
  • Surf Planets
  • Icicle Planets

Bomberman World

Kill the dark force bombers and receive the vehicle character!  When you defeat the "Dark Force Bombers" on the fourth, you  will receive "Armor" in the final area.  The "Armor" has two abilities - normal and special attack. Each of the Dark Force Bombers will appear with a strong armor character.  Kill the Dark Force Bomber and the armor will be yours!


Character:  Teebo (An animal type Armor. He looks like a rabbit and has great jumping ability.)
Normal attack:  Able to jump over a block.
Special attack:  A Tame-jump (Reserved Jump) which explodes the bomb on the screen, and can stop the enemy's movement for a short time.

Character:  Launcher Armor (Reliable Romot Armor)
Normal attack:  Launches two bombs forward. The bombs will reach the target at the same time and will explode at the same time.
Special attack:  Launch four bombs at once.

Character:  Nyanjiro (Cute animal armor.)
Normal attack:  Launch 4 bombs in all directions.
Special attack:  Launch 8 bombs in all directions.

Character:  Rick (Watery Eye Creature Armor)
Normal attack:  Moves fast by Dash.
Special attack:  Able to set a bomb he has in front

Character:  Rock-on-Armor (Machine Armor)
Normal attack:  It can target the enemy and launch a bomb.
Special attack:  The power of the Fire bomb is maximized.


  • Your score will increase each time you kill an enemy.
  • Time limitation indicator shows how much time is left to clear the area.
  • The range of your bombs will be extended by 1 block every time you pick one up. Maximum 6 levels.
  • Your Bomberman's speed will go up. There are a total of 9 levels.

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
  • Pentium II 400MHz or higher processor
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 4 MB Video Card or higher
  • DirectX 8.1
  • 700 MB Free Hard Drive space
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive (8X recommended)
  • Keyboard or Gamepad


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