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Ahoy!  Aye!  Enter!  Beware!

Product Information

Stowaway and Castle Explorer are illustrated by award-winning children's book artist Stephen Biesty.  These exciting action programs take you to the heights of adventure in the most thrilling eras of all time, from the rousing carousing of the high seas to the swagger and secrecy of a medieval castle!  Pick either an 18th century British Man O'War tall sail ship or a heavily fortified castle in 14th century England!

Product Titles Included

  • Castle Explorer
  • Stowaway!

Product Overview

Castle Explorer

Experience the drama and danger of life in a 14th-century castle!  You've been entrusted with a dangerous mission.  Explore 3D environments featuring the acclaimed illustrations of Stephen Biesty and meet live-action characters as you strive to complete your quest - and escape the dungeon.


  • Find out how medieval people lived
  • Analyze different historical viewpoints
  • Learn how history shaped the present
  • Understand historical themes
  • Find out about medieval society from eyewitness accounts.
  • Develop historical terminology.


  • Scroll the close-up panoramas - Hear evocative sound effects that conjure up 14th century life, and click to dissolve stonework or life sections of room to examine the scenes beneath.
  • Browse illuminated books - Books provide knowledge of unearth details of 14th century life.
  • Zoom in and Explore - Stephen Biesty's intricately detailed cross-section panoramas of castle and countryside.
  • Gather information - There are 20 printable experiments in all. And all you need is stuff around the house!


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  • Find the Stowaway - A stowaway is hidden somewhere in each of the ship’s ten cross-sections. Find him in each of his hiding places, any you’ll discover the key to his secret.
  • Extraordinary Close-Up Illustrations - Navigate up and down the decks, and zoom in to scores of individual scenes - from the rat-infested depths of the hold to the luxury of the Captain’s cabin.
  • Meet the Crew - Introduce yourself to the Captain, the Boatswain, the Cook, the Gunner, and many more colorful characters. Browse through their journals, and listen to them tell you about everyday life aboard their incredible ship.
  • Animated On-Board Scenes - Witness life in every part of the ship - from the noise to the danger of the cannon decks to the horrors of the surgeon’s operating theater.

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Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP
  • 486DX/33MHz processor
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 6 MB free hard disk space
  • 640 x 480 pixel, 256 color
  • 16-bit Sound Card 
  • 2X CD-ROM drive
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