Puppy Luv Pet Simulator for Windows PC
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The closest thing to having a real puppy with no clean up!

Product Information

Puppy Luv is the perfect pet, no need to run outside in the rain to take him out, he won’t break anything or even leave you a little surprise. This puppy will provide unconditional love and the entire family will have hours of fun playing with your new best friend!   

You are given two types of dogs you can select from with six different choices. 

Dalmatian:  The Dalmatian is a medium-sized, smooth-coated breed of working and sporting heritage, suitable as a family pet or performance animal.  He is an intelligent dog, devoted to his owner(s), moderately territorial though not blatantly aggressive, and pleasant to live with.

Labrador Retriever:  The American Bred Lab comes from American bred stock and is tall and lanky.  The Labrador Retriever is a solid, muscular dog, slightly longer than tall, with a short, hard, easy-care, water-resistant double coat that does not have any waves and comes in solid black, yellow, or chocolate.  

  • 2 1/2 month old chocolate Lab
  • 3 month old chocolate Lab
  • 4 month old Dalmatian
  • 3 1/2 month old Dalmatian
  • 4 months old Dalmatian
  • 2 1/2 month old Golden Lab

Once you have selected your puppy and given him a name, it's time to learn how to take care of him.  You even get fill out a birth certificate.  Your puppy has a mind of his own and he might not always want to listen to you.  Make sure all his stats are filled as possible - learn how to take care of your puppy.  If the stats are low, you will need to make sure you care for your puppy. 

  • Water Bowl:  The water bowl indicates your puppy's thirst
  • Food Bowl:  The food bowl indicates your puppy's  hunger
  • ZZZ:  The Z icons indicate how sleepy your dog is
  • Fire Hydrant:  The fire hydrants indicate your puppy's bladder
  • Brush:  The brush indicates your puppy's hygiene
  • Heart:  The heart indicates your dogs bravery

Activities Include

Places to Go:

  • East Bay Park
  • York Park
  • Big Leaf Park
  • Go For Walk

Pet Store:

  • Purchase things like dry food, wet food, water, rubber brushes, shampoo, and more!
  • It shows you putting the items into your shopping cart, the cost for each item, and the total amount that you have spent.
  • If you forget something for your puppy, you must go to the grocery store and make your purchase just  like you would with a real dog.


  • Ball
  • Rope
  • Frisbee


  • Food
  • Water
  • Brush
  • Wash
  • Treats
  • Dog Houses
  • Pillows

Product Features

  • Two types of customizable dogs - Labradors and Dalmatians
  • Enjoy hours of fun puppy playtime in this simulation game
  • Teach the puppy 10+ unique tricks; treats available for rewards
  • Spend time with your dog and you can teach him all kinds of great tricks - don't forget to give him a treat for all his hard work
  • More than 50 upgrades and toys
  • Multiple locations
  • The perfect pet--no need to take him out and he won't break anything
  • Built-in screensaver Watch him grow - as time goes on you can watch your puppy grow
  • Play Frisbee and fetch with him
  • Enter your pup into competitions
  • Turn your back yard into doggy heaven
  • Take him for walks
  • Wash and feed him

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98, 2000, XP
  • Pentium III, 800MHz processor
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 32MB 3D Card
  • 20MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • Sound Card
  • CD-ROM Drive
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3 star(s) Girls Love it

By Bubba Verified Buyer from Greeneville, TN on 11/13/2008

Pros: Good Value

My girls love to play this game. Easy to play.

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