Pony Luv Pet Simulator for Windows PC
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The closest thing to having a real Pony with no clean up!

Product Information

Pony Luv is the continuation of the Puppy Luv series of games, this time, focusing on raising elegant, adorable ponies. Players feed, brush and play with their pony, while also getting to train it for prestigious competition. These lovable ponies will always be living in a world where they never grow up, remaining cute forever!

Raise the pony you've always wanted. Everyone wants a pony but where do you keep him? Pony Luv now lets you have a pony of your very own. And he will be the best friend you ever had!

This is the closest you'll come to the wonder of owning a pony without actually spending thousands of dollars! Select your steed and manage time and money to make your pony the happiest horse in the world. Take her for walks, brush her hair, dress her up in ribbons ... everything you've ever dreamt of doing with your own pet pony! 

Activities Include

  • Feed, groom and train your pony
  • Enter dressage and race competitions
  • Earn money from allowances and winning competitions
  • Purchase items from the pet store: food, grooming tools, treats, accessories and more
  • 4 super cool locations to train your pony!
  • Dozens of food and apparel

Product Features

  • Raise one of six different ponies through a variety of interactions and care responsibilities
  • Varieties include: Dartmoor (brown w/ black hair), Chincoteague (white w/brown patches), Dales (black), Welsh Mountain (white), Connemara or Fell
  • Needs are expressed through six gauges: Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, Cleanliness, Bladder and Confidence
  • Develop a stronger bond with the pony simply by keeping it well fed and watered, and it’s stable clean
  • Purchase supplies at the local Pony shop, including: oats & hay, bottled water, brushes, shampoos, toys, and colorful accessories
  • Teach your pony several types of tricks, including: walk, trot, canter, salute, half- pirouette all through a series of hand signals
  • Enter competitions to show your newly trained pony
  • Two types of competitions: race and dressage (obedience)

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Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98, 2000, XP
  • Pentium III, 800MHz processor
  • 128MB of RAM
  • 32MB 3D Card
  • 20MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • Sound Card
  • DirectX 9
  • CD-ROM Drive
Reviewed by 1 customers
4 star(s) 8-year-old girl really likes it

By Grandma5 Verified Buyer from St. Helens, OR on 11/13/2008

Primary Use: Personal
Pros: Great Sound, Easy to Learn
Cons: No Multiplayer Mode
Describe Yourself: Frequent Player

My granddaughter likes it a lot but she doesn't seem to go back to it that often so I'm not sure that it is a long term thing. Other games have made her more anxious to play again.

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