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Hours of fun with 4 great full version games!

Product Information

Get ready for non-stop learning fun with a four-in-one value collection designed specifically for kids ages five through 10. Packed with the characters and themes kids love, Adventure Workshop Famous Friends promises hours of stimulating, enriching play. Beloved characters from the colorful world of TV and movies come to life onscreen in four lively titles that no child can resist. Build skills in geography, reading, problem solving and more while interacting with your favorite famous friends!  Bump up the onscreen fun with four great titles in one value-packed Adventure Workshop. A must-have addition to any kid's software library.

Product Titles Included

  • Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
  • Rugrat's Munchin Land
  • Disney's Lilo & Stitch Hawaii Adventure
  • Disney/Pizar's Monsters, Inc. Bowling for Screams

Product Features

  • Play as your favorite Rugrats and help them find their way out of the magical Land of Odd.
  • Join Friends at Monsters, Inc. for a frightening game of bowling!
  • Explore Hawaii and help Lilo teach Stitch how to be good so he can earn a prestigious model citizen award.
  • Explore through 50 countries in search of the elusive Carmen Sandiego.

Product Overview

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

It all starts in Brazil. But who knows where it will end up. The infamous Carmen Sandiego is at it again. This time she's run off with a rare and valuable edition of the "Travels of Marco Polo." Worth millions! And this is just one of many historic heists that'll have you hopping the globe. Expand your world geography skills. Ignite your critical thinking and decision-making talents. Match wits with the elusive Carmen Sandiego as you recover the stolen treasures of knowledge!  Discover the World in a Thrilling Crime Stopping Chase!


  • Appearances by "The Chief" from PBS
  • Electronic database with key-word search
  • Spectacular video, photos, and music
  • Over 200 animated talking characters
  • Guided tours through rich environments
  • Challenging world missions
  • Multiple puzzles and mind teasers in countries around the world
  • 15 amazing high-tech virtual gadgets
  • Talking translator with phrases from 13 different countries
  • Replayable adventure provides endless hours of fun
  • Explore the World:  Chase Carmen from country to country, as you gather valuable geographic and cultural knowledge.
  • Discover Intriguing New Places:  Immerse yourself in different cultures as you learn about countries around the world.
  • Decipher Secret Codes:  Solve puzzles and unlock secret codes to complete each mission and retrieve the stolen items!

Skills Learned:

  • World Geography
  • Landmarks
  • Diverse Cultures
  • Key facts on 50 countries around the world

Rugrat's Munchin Land

Angelica, the Wicked Witch has gotten the babies to ride the 'scary-go-round' at the park. But she's spun it too fast! Now everyone has gotten sucked up into a 'turnado' and taken to the magical Land of Odd. Stay away from Angelica, the Wicked Witch!


  • Play a variety of mini-games
  • Gather treasures throughout multiple mazes
  • Follow the Rainbow Brick Road
  • Race to find the Whizzer of Odd
  • Explore as your favorite Rugrat
    • Tommy the Scarecrow
    • Chuckie the Scaredy Cat Lion
    • and others!

Disney's Lilo & Stitch Hawaii Adventure

Get ready to tame the wildest alien in the galaxy! Help Lilo teach Stitch how to be good so he can earn a prestigious model citizen award!  Play exciting games and enjoy creativity and arcade excitement! While you play, show Stitch the value of being good and the true meaning of Ohana (Family).


  • 7 challenging games
  • Hidden gizmos and special treasures for extra playing power
  • Have a luau with some alien tourists
  • Swim with Pudge the fish
  • Learn how to hula
  • Area 626:  What do aliens bring when they come to Earth?  Find Out!
  • The Wikiwiki Trails:  Explore Hawaii with Lilo & Stitch!
  • Lilo's Pa Hula:  It's time to Hula! You can learn how.
  • Alien Constructomatic:  Help Stitch build outrageous alien buildings!

Disney/Pizar's Monsters, Inc. Bowling for Screams

Join the feisty one-eyed Mike, Sulley's sidekick for a howling game of bowling!  After a long day of work, everybody needs to relax--even monsters. Join the very green, very feisty one-eyed Mike, Sulley's lovable sidekick at Monsters, Inc., for a howling game of bowling that will have you screaming with laughter!  Mission:  Knock down as many pins as you can. In 1 Player mode, your goal is to beat the level's preset high score. In 2 Player mode, your goal is to beat your opponents score.


  • Monsters, Inc. action game for kids
  • Play a crazy game of bowling
  • Join Mike, the very green, very feisty, one-eyed monster
  • Dodge obstacles in your bowling lane and grab power-ups

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98SE, Me, 2000 SP4, XP SP1
  • (Disney / Pixar's Monsters, Inc. Bowling for Screams was not designed to run on Windows 2000, or XP and Disney's Lilo & Stitch Hawaiian Adventure was not designed to run on Windows 2000).
  • Pentium II 300MHz processor
  • 200MB free hard disk space
  • 128MB RAM 
  • 8X CD-ROM Drive
  • DirectX 8.1 Compatible Video Card w/4MB video RAM and 16-bit color
  • DirectX 8.1 Compatible Sound Card
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • QuickTime 5 (included)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • Printer Support: Works with most popular printers (Monochrome and color) supported by Windows
  • 33.6 Kbps modem or faster and Internet service provider account required for Internet access

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