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7 in 1 Fun and Easy Photo Applications

Product Information

Polaroid PhotoMaxine software works just like the Polaroid PhotoMax software. With this software, you can create professional-quality photo masterpieces in just a few simple steps.  Polaroid's Unique Active Image Facility let you be creative while you have a full view of your digital images at all times, from editing to a Virtual Makeover.  The software includes seven imaging programs that can be used for everything from spicing up school pictures to creating designs.

In addition, there are applications for special effects, retouching and image improvement. The software can move acquired and edited images throughout applications, eliminating the need to to open and close multiple programs or hunt for edited images.


  • Retouch Photo
    Fix up your photo with a complete set of imaging tools or let us do it for you with our powerful Image Quality Assured One Touch technology. In either case, don't worry, you can always undo, and redo, up to nine times!

  • Special Effects - Fun Photo Stuff
    Twenty fun, real time effects that you can use to make any photo into your own artistic masterpiece including fisheye, whirlpool, sphere, painting, emboss and more.

  • Photo Fantasy - From ArcSoft
    Quickly stitch your face on over ninety fun and wacky characters including artists, sports figures, and more! Print them on tee shirts as collectable photos or even use them to lighten up business presentations!

  • Sticker Store Deluxe - From DogByte
    Use your favorite photo to quickly create any one of hundreds of greeting cards, tee shirt transfers, sticker transfers, badges and more!

  • COSMOPOLITAN Virtual Makeover - From SegaSoft
    A whole new you is just a click away! Daring looks without the risk. Tons of different hair styles and makeup to choose from. Quickly transform any photo of you into that glamorous creature that you've always wanted to be!

  • PhotoPrinter - From ArcSoft
    Now you can quickly select from a single 8 x 10 print of your image to a printout of over 50 postage stamp size images on a single sheet of paper, in seconds. With PhotoPrinter it's easy as the click of the mouse button!

  • ClueLess CD-ROM Fashion Game - From Mattel Media
    Create the ultimate Cher ensemble by mixing and matching fashions and accessories! Then use a favorite photo of yourself to import into Cher-Wear closet and see how your cool new outfit looks on you! Design your own fashions in the Unique Boutique by changing colors and styles.

Product Features

  • Get Photo: Get your photo; alter, retouch or enhance your image; be creative or have fun; then print!
    Polaroid PhotoMAXINE software accepts most digital image formats including TIF, JPEG, BMP, PICT, TGA, and PCD (read only).

  • Setup Photo: The Setup button lets you alter your image with a wide variety of tools. You can crop, cut and paste - all with the click of a button. You then have a range of options, from inverting to resizing your image.

  • Retouch Photo: The Retouch Photo button is like your own personal art director to create and enhance your images with features like Cloning, Eye dropper, Smudge, and more! Or you can choose to have Polaroid PhotoMAXINE software automatically improve the appearance of your image with Polaroid's Image Quality Assured (IQA) process. Simply click on the IQA tool!

  • Special Effects: The Special Effects button gives you options to add creative effects to your image. With one click, you can preview your image with 24 customized special effects and enhancements, from smooth to mosaic, from melting to spirals. Let your imagination run wild!

  • Creative Gallery: Create your wildest fantasies, cool tee shirts, stickers, and cards with PhotoFantasy from ArcSoft and Sticker Store from DogByte.

  • Photo Fantasy: From ArcSoft - Discover the fun of turning your favorite photographs into your wildest fantasies with various fantasy backgrounds and creative motifs including wedding dresses, sports figures and unusual garb in Photo Fantasy.

  • Sticker Store Deluxe:  From DogByte - Choose from a wide selection of fun, stylish templates to create greeting cards, tee shirt transfers, stickers, cards, badges and more.

  • Fashion Gallery:  Now bring your photos into two of the hottest teen titles today, with image enhanced versions of Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover from Segasoft and Clueless from Mattel Media.

    • From SegaSoft - It's the revolutionary new way to revitalize your look without the risk. Choose from hundreds of hairstyles and makeup options that could be right for you. Blend highlights, mix and match.

    • From Mattel Media - Get clued on with your digital survival guide to totally Clueless living! Indulge in Makeover Mania - fashion and facial - with Cher and her true blue friends. Mix and match over 500 fashions in the Cher-Wear closet, and now add your favorite photos to Maxine's unique Boutique. Collect and share, get Clueless!

  • Photo Printer: Print your photo quickly and easily from a single 8 x 10 image all the way to 50 postage stamp size images on a single sheet of paper. The PhotoPrinter option - the way all print functions should work!

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements

  • Windows 95

  • Pentium processor

  • 16 MB of RAM

  • 70 MB Hard Disk space

  • 24-bit display card

  • CD-ROM drive

  • Color monitor

  • MMX enabled

  • Mouse

Reviewed by 1 customers
1 star(s) Does anyone still use Windows 95?

By fbs Verified Buyer from Il on 10/21/2009

Primary Use: Business
Pros: Could not determine
Cons: Poor Instructions
Describe Yourself: None of the above

I was very excited to get this product. I planned to have some fun with my grandkids as well as use it for business (kind of like in Miss Congenialty movie). How disappointing when I attempted to load it and it said it was only compatible with Windows 95. Maybe I missed that in the documentation.

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