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Who's watching you surf?

Product Information

Your computer tracks your online and offline activities, putting your privacy at risk. Internet marketers can target you with spam by following your online tracks, often created by web servers leaving cookies on your computer. Others who have access to your computer can follow computer tracks to monitor your offline activities and see what you do on your computer. iClean helps you protect your privacy by covering your computer tracks. Its easy to use iClean to protect your privacy and regain disk space by clearing computer and Internet files that are often hidden. Use iClean to remove cache and history files and automatically delete cookies from spam Web servers.

Product Highlights
  • Block Pop-up ads!
  • Delete cookies you don’t want and keep those you do!
  • Automatically runs when you start your PC, log in, or close your browsers!
  • Works with all 32-bit Windows, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, & Opera!
  • Erases the Cache, History, Cookies, Addresses, Messages, Temporary Files, IE hidden files!
  • Use Secure Delete to get rid of sensitive Internet files!
  • Check your Activity Log to see what you did. 
  • Empties your recycle bin.

Product Features

Standard Options:
  • Close Popups: Check to enable automatic closing of those annoying javascript windows.  Check to enable automatic closing of those annoying javascript popup windows.
  • Clean Automatically when all browsers closed: Check to clean when all browsers and closed and when exited. The Close Popups option must be checked for this to function.
  • Clean automatically at Windows startup / login: Check to have iClean erase all the selected items when the computer starts up or a user logs in. The Run Automatically option must be checked for this to work properly.
  • Run automatically at Windows Startup / Login: Check to run iClean when Windows starts up or another user logs in. You must enable this option for the Close Popups to work properly.
  • Delete files at startup( that were not cleaned):  Have Windows remove all the files that could not be deleted during cleaning upon computer startup. You must have this option checked in order to delete index.dat files!

Advanced Options:
  • System Tray Icon: Show iClean icon and right-click menu in System Tray if checked.
  • Include Read-Only files: Clears the read-only flag before attempting to delete a file.
  • Include Hidden files: Delete files with the Hidden attribute set.
  • Secure Delete: Overwrite files with random data to prevent viewing after deletion.
  • Check for updates: Check website for updates when run.
  • Taskbar Icon: Show iClean icon in the Taskbar when checked while minimized.  If the System Tray Icon and Taskbar icon options are both unchecked, iClean will become invisible when minimized.
  • Current User only: Have iClean run for the current user only instead of all user profiles.
  • Compatibility: Check this option to disable the Windows Internet Extensions. The Windows Internet Extensions allows iClean to remove Internet Explorer information without requiring a reboot.
  • Activity Log: Show log window for iClean activity and windows monitored.
  • Prompts and Help: Displays a message box when iClean is exited or requires a reboot after Cleaning to remove files that were in use. Uncheck if you are familiar with iClean and do not wish to be informed. Unchecking will Minimize on Exit and not Reboot after Clean.

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System Requirements
  • Windows XP, 2000, NT4SP6, Me, 98
  • 486 processor (Pentium or faster is recommended)
  • 1 MB of RAM or more
  • 1 MB of available hard disk space
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer 5.0.1, Netscape, Opera, MSN Explorer, and AOL 7.0  or later
  • CD-ROM Drive
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