Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time
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In my quest for redemption...not even my death can stop me

Product Information

In medieval Persia, Earth’s mightiest and most mysterious kingdom, a king and his son defeat the powerful Maharajah and kidnap his daughter, looting his palace of priceless treasure, including an extravagant hourglass, and a mysterious dagger.  What the Prince does not realize, is that these two objects can turn their possessor into an immortal god, and give him control over time itself. Tricked by a dying Vizier bent on harnessing this terrible magic for himself, the Prince releases the sands of time, destroying a kingdom and turning its populace into ferocious demons. Only the Prince, the Vizier, and Princess Farah, the kidnapped daughter of the Maharajah, remain unchanged. Now, it is up to the young Prince of Persia to call upon every resource and ounce of courage he possesses to save his kingdom and redeem his fatal mistake.

The Sands of Time is a strange and mystical force that allows players to seamlessly bend the fabrics of time, granting them a number of astounding powers.  In terms of gameplay, these powers grant The Prince the ability to fight harder, fight fearlessly, and fight with more strategic flexibility. 

There are five known powers of the Sands of Time:

  • The Power of Revival: Face danger with the ability to journey back in time.
  • The Power of Delay: Slow the passing of time
  • The Power of Restraint: Freeze enemies in time, while you remain moving.
  • The Power of Haste: Accelerate the passing of time and slash enemies at the speed of light
  • The Power of Destiny: Behold startling visions of the future

Product Features

A technological masterpiece
Witness some of the most advanced programming in gaming history, pushing the limitations of consoles and raising the standards of games in all areas of production: physics, lighting, graphics, animations, and more!

An unmatched hero
Wielding powers of mythic proportions, the Prince returns to action-adventure gaming with gravity-defying acrobatics, ferocious fighting skills, and the ability to bend time to fulfill his destiny.

The sands of time
Ubisoft's Montreal Studio presents the Sands of Time -- a technological breakthrough that will change the face of action-adventure gaming forever. Erase the past, behold the future, and freeze the present in real-time for unlimited gameplay variations.

Exotic worlds and vast kingdoms
Uncover the mysteries of a world never before explored in action-adventure gaming. Medieval Persia, mythical and deadly, holds a staggering array of landscapes and kingdoms to explore and conquer.

A sweeping adventure of betrayal and triumph
The epic legends and deadly creatures of mythic Persia burn to life in this suspense-filled tale, featuring more twists and turns than the labyrinthine Palace itself.

Product Reviews

"I haven't played a better game all year."
     - 1 Up  (9.5 out of 10)

"The gameplay has just the right balance of challenging puzzles and finger-numbing battles to deliver an exceptional adventure whether you’re royalty or not."
     -  (5 out of 5)

"This is the kind of game that literally makes you forget you're playing a game, leaving you barely aware of your body and just totally consumed by the action onscreen."
     - GameNow

"Pure magic. Soft lighting effects and elaborate, detailed architecture give the entire experience the quality of an opium-induced vision where time moves at the speed of your imagination. PoP's immersive atmosphere takes you to another level altogether."
     - Electronic Gaming Monthly, Dec 2003  (9.3 out of 10)

"An outstanding game -- a dazzling, masterful achievement...Thanks to wholly intuitive control, stunning atmosphere and satisfyingly clever environmental puzzles, the title easily ranks as one of my favorite adventure offerings of all time."

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System Requirements

  • Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP
  • Pentium III 800 MHz or faster / AMD Athlon 800 MHz or faster
  • 256 MB RAM or greater recommended
  • GeForce III or higher (Excluding GeForce IV MX.)
  • DirectX 9.0a (included on CD)
  • 1.5 GB minimum hard drive space
  • 16X or better CD-ROM Drive
  • Peripherals: Windows compatible mouse (with wheel) / keyboard required
  • Additional Supported Peripherals: Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Analog 2 Gamepad
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