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Face the most extreme weapons, enemy tactics and combat environments

Product Information

Gore is an online multi-player game with an offline single-player component so you can play by yourself if you do not have an Internet connection or want to practice. We have implemented many new things which we feel will have a profound impact on deathmatch plus other new and popular gaming styles. The Gore Production Team — which is build up of hard-core gamers, not accountants — has striven to create a balance of realism, interactivity, technology and most importantly, fun.

In the mid-21st century, massive overpopulation and consumption caused irreversible resource shortages over most of the planet. All supplies of fossil fuels were completely decimated by 2031. The agro-mosaic virus outbreak of 2042 triggered the global food riots of 2043 by causing the extinction of all agricultural plant species. Five billion humans, almost half of the earths population, died of starvation.

With most cities falling into ruin in a perpetual night of low fuel and no power, street gangs grew into terror patrols, controlling neighborhoods and sometimes entire cities. These terror patrols grew larger and larger, falling under the control of ever more powerful dictators.

All government officials became targets for assassination, the global system of government was getting weaker by the day. As the governments began to fall and chaos began to be a way of life, all governments united and focused on the continuing search for a new energy source. Finally, in 2079, government scientists discovered a new energy source, created from anti matter chemical reactions between the grinding forces of the planets tectonic plates, a new energy source was mined, called ORE. ORE, though not energy producing itself, was able to catalyze nearly any chemical reaction and also amplify any electrical power fed into it. Because of the density of the ORE found, when energy passed through the ORE atoms were sped up to a speed never seen before, increasing energy passed through the ORE as well as creating distortion in time and the known field.

Product Highlights

Stamina is your ability to move and breathe, without it you slow down to the point of becoming unconscious. Moving and jumping uses up your stamina and carrying heavy weapons uses more stamina than carrying light weapons. Standing still or running over special stamina power ups will rebuild your stamina.

What makes this so cool? It adds a whole new feeling and strategy to the game, not only can you use your stamina up by running too long, but certain injuries subtract from your stamina as well. The stamina feature also gives freshly respawned characters a fighting chance; since fresh characters have full stamina, their speed and ability to attack slower players gives them better odds than most other games. The production team has found the stamina feature to provide endless tactics and fun.

Gore has a unique armor system where armor models track to characters, completely protecting the covered areas. You need to focus your firepower to destroy the armor, and then aim for the unprotected areas.

Character Classes
Not only do different characters look different, they play different. Movement speed, health amount, resistance to damage types, stamina, punching ability, fall damage, even the actual sizes of the characters are different. The characters are all carefully balanced to provide a fair game, yet each provides certain lethality if played correctly. You will be forced to adapt an entire new play style once you switch characters, because they are just so different. Gore has 8 unique player models and classes, all with unique abilities and weaknesses.

Gore packs a full arsenal of 30 hardcore weapons, plus most weapons have secondary mode. For example, the alternate fire mode on the small single-shot shotgun is a protective energy shield, so you can activate your shield and charge somebody. The riot gun is a fully automatic machinegun that is paired up with a gas grenade launcher, so a popular tactic is to drop a few gas grenades that expand and fill an area with a 3D gas cloud, then when your enemy passes out, riddle their body with lead and score a frag. Gore’s unique particle system adds tons of flying debris, sparks, and smoke effects to make the guns feel as big and mean as they look and sound.

Almost anything you see in Gore can be destroyed. Weapons, health and stamina packs, ammo boxes and more can all be blown up. A popular tactic is shooting a health kit right before a wounded character picks it up, watching the kit explode which gibs the unsuspecting player. Fire extinguishers, gas tanks, and other objects can be destroyed as well, causing lots of fun. You can even climb trees, gutters, vines and more. Playing Gore feels like a war zone because of all the explosions, burning fire, smoke, gas, panting and coughing going on.

Product Features

  • You choose from a variety of characters. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Anything that can be picked up can also be destroyed. You can tactically destroy items before opponents can get to them, or just blow them up when your opponents are near.
  • Each level uses very large maps with lots of ladders and basements to explore.
  • Ammo is constantly running out, so strategy plays a big part in the game.
  • Stamina plays a role in Gore - You tire out and so do your opponents.

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT 4, or XP
  • Pentium II 350 MHz
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 700 MB Free Hard Drive Space
  • 4X CD-ROM Drive
  • 100% OpenGL Compatible Video Card
  • Windows Compatible Sound Card
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