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Everything you need to launch a winning business in today's climate!

Product Information

Build a plan you can take to the bank.

With the release of version 8.1, Jian has made planning much easier, and expanded your planning options to 5 master plans, fully flexible editing capability, with plan elements you can drag/drop, mix and match from any of the plans.

The ultimate business planning tool BizPlanBuilder helps you build a solid foundation for your business, with an intuitive, well-thought-out plan that incorporates the 10 secrets of building a successful business; gives you 3 levels of financial models to establish feasibility; and dozens of tools to manage and support your continuing success.

Nothing is more important to building a profitable business than a thorough business plan. BizPlanBuilder helps you process your ideas and choreograph every move, with an intuitive, seasoned and artfully designed system incorporating many years of experience in almost every industry with countless customers and financial backers.

  • Organize your ideas, focus your team
  • Prove to investors that you have a real business
  • Cover all the bases from market size, demographics, financing...
  • Forecast your costs, profits, cashflow...
  • Calculate your 'deal' and ROI

If you have an older version of BizPlanBulder (or any other business plan software), and you want to write a the best plan possible for today's market, then yes it would be worth it to upgrade to BizPlanBuilder 2003 (v8.1).

The word "jian" (jee'-on) has its roots in the martial arts and means "the master of every art". For more than 14 years, JIAN has provided tools to help smart business people everywhere build their businesses and get essential projects completed -- in a fraction of the time it would take to start from scratch.

New Features

BizPlanBuilder includes a new, easy-to-use system, and five different types of plans you can shape to the specific needs of your business, including:

  • Concept Plan - explore the merits of an idea
  • Service Plan - sole-proprietor/service
  • Retail Plan - storefront or home
  • Product Plan - new invention
  • Internet Plan - web business

NEW: DRAG & DROP customization lets you take sections from any plan type and build a custom plan for your business.
NEW: Edit/add text anywhere.
NEW: Fully formattable in Word/Excel/Office.
NEW: Turn Expert Comments On/Off with a click
NEW: Easily tab from variable to variable to quickly fill in the blanks.
NEW: Three levels of financial models. Cover everything you need to include as you finance your business. (You can also use them as a cash forecasting/management system.)

  • Basic Financial Statements: A quick look at your financial picture
  • Intermediate: Linked statements for lenders
  • Comprehensive: Flexible bottom-up/top-down financial/cashflow forecast system, valuable for any type of financing.

NEW:Cover letter templates to: Investors, Lenders, Friends…
NEW: How to prep & present your plan

Product Features

The experts at JIAN have taken the best of hundreds of business plans and incorporated them into models you can use. Proven time and again like no other.

With over 700,000 customers and hundreds of millions raised through venture capitalists, investors, banks, the SBA and corporate management, BizPlanBuilder is the proven tool for developing your business concept and presenting it to people who can back you.

  • Start a business from a raw idea
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Evaluate a business for purchase
  • Pull a business out of bankruptcy
  • Secure bank/SBA loans, and lines of credit
  • Support private stock offerings
  • Attract angel/venture capital funding
  • Successfully merge or sell your company.

Straight-Forward Financial Tools
The financial models are already built and tested, so you don't have to be a spreadsheet or financial expert. (If you are, you can customize everything in Excel.) Just enter your sales, expense, growth and other assumptions and variables... It automatically calculates totals, percentages and ratios to show at a glance how much money you'll need, when you'll need it, and how soon you'll make a profit. See "what-if" when you change scenarios. (Exclusive one page 'Sensitivity Analysis' shows best and worst cases.) It's easy to update-—if you change a number, all spreadsheets automatically recalculate.

Automatic Assembly & Complete Customization
Once you've completed the selected sections, BizPlanBuilder can automatically assemble your plan, ready for review and final printing. The unique JIAN process assures that you'll be prepared -- ready to face even the toughest audiences and able to answer every question.

Hundreds of sample plans are already integrated for you.
You may be tempted by programs offering databases of faceless places to send your plan (very risky!), silly fonts and graphics (do not appeal to intelligent people), or sample plans written by people with little or no business or financing knowledge (QA?) Think of BizPlanBuilder as a carefully compiled collection of sample plans providing you the very examples of what to say. Only we make sure it all makes sense and that you can rely on it. When the smoke clears and the dust settles, who you are, and what you say and show in your business plan are what really count.

Complete. Focused. Clear. Concise. Professional. Believable. Realistic. Achievable.
These are the responses countless customers have told Jian that they’ve heard from bankers, investors, prospective partners and senior management, when they presented their plans created using BizPlanBuilder.

Additional Features

New & Revised Financial Models

Market Potential
It's important to demonstrate clearly the magnitude of your opportunity. The new "Comprehensive" model let's input the entire universe of potential customers for 3 categories, then you project your market share. Building on that, you estimate the % of customers who will buy at a given price... believable numbers add up and compound into a potentially greater business size than some might otherwise imagine--the key is that you can explain and justify your numbers.

This is a big part of any financial model and we use several methods to triangulate a respectable valuation for your business as well as provide a credible explanation that you can use.

  • Harvard Model
  • 1st Chicago Method
  • Discounted Future Cashflow

Given a certain amount of investment, how many shares would your investor(s) get? What % of the company would they own? (We included a calculation to help you see that you will still become wildly wealthy even when your investor(s) get rich too!) What might round 2 and 3 look like. If you went public, what does that look like? Also, included (a la carte) is a separate spreadsheet that helps you calculate your return/profit if you were to sell you business.

Print Wizards
Now we've enabled you more printing flexibility with simple buttons for printing a variety of scenarios with just one click.

Other Additions
New Financial Models Basic Financial Statements Intermediate Financial Model Comprehensive Financial Model: for New or Ongoing Businesses

New Pre-Planning Tools

  • Business Assessment Questions
  • Executive Team Bio Template
  • Personal Assessment Questions
  • Personal Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement

Writing About Your Business

  • New Plan Presentation Tools
  • Cover Letters to Your:
  • - Banker (for Loan/Line of Credit)
  • - Leasing Agent
  • - Angel Investor
    • Venture Capitalist
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements for:
    • Banker
    • Leasing Agent
    • Investment Banker
  • Business Plan Distribution
  • Deal Summary
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Email Introduction
  • Service Business Start-Up Cash Requirements

New Resource Materials

  • Believable Projections
  • Business Topics of Interest w/Internet Links
  • Developing Your Management Team
  • Things to Think About
  • What Investors Look For

Supporting Documents

  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Core Values & Core Practices
  • Executive Summary Template
  • Executive Team Responsibilities
  • General Partnership Agreement
  • Investor Tracking
  • Personal Financial Statement
  • Press Release--Announcement
  • Stock Options Tracking

Tools to Manage Your Business

  • Application for Business Credit
  • Business Start-Up Checklist
  • Commercial Lease
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Investor Game Plan
  • Invitation to Board of Advisors
  • Invitation to Board of Directors
  • Management Notebook
  • Lehman Formula Calculator
  • Lehman Formula (Finder's Fee) Agreement
  • Private Offering Disclaimer
  • Proceeds of Sale of Business
  • Service Feedback Survey
  • Service Invoice Log
  • Services List
  • Space Requirements Planning
  • Trademark Instructions
  • Trademark Overview

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
Windows Requirements

  • Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, Vista
  • IBM-compatible PCs with Pentium processor or better, 166MHz or faster
  • 32 MB of RAM (64MB or more recommended)
  • 24MB Hard Disk space
  • 4X CD-ROM drive or faster
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • 24-bit/true color display recommended
  • Requires a word-processing software and spreadsheet software  (Microsoft Office, Word or Excel AppleWorks 5+, ClarisWorks 4+ WordPerfect, AmiPro, WriteNow Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, file formats: .doc, .xls, .cwk, .rtf)

Macintosh Requirements

  • System 8, 9, or X
  • G3 (350 MHz) or better processor
  • 32 MB of RAM or more
  • 10 MB free Hard Disk space
  • 4X CD-ROM drive or faster
  • Mouse and Printer for printing
  • Requires a word processing software and spreadsheet software  (Microsoft Office, Word or Excel AppleWorks 5+, ClarisWorks 4+ WordPerfect, AmiPro, WriteNow Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, file formats: .doc, .xls, .cwk, .rtf)


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