Takeda Strategy Game for Windows PC
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Real-time strategic combat in feudal Japan

Product Information

Conquer.  Expand.  Unite.

Japan is rocked by civil war. Feudal Samural lords clash for dominance of the nation. You are Takeda Shingen, the young 16th Dalmyo of Kai province and lord of  the house Takeda.

You must secure your homeland against the threat of invasion and to do this you must expand your borders. If you succeed, you could be in a position to end the civil war and become protector of Japan.  If you fail, you, your family, and everything you know will be destroyed, forever crushed under the fee of your enemies.

Use the geography to your advantage and you will succeed.  Cut down the enemy flags and their followers will succeed.

Product Features

Battles of Epic Scale
A thousand units can fight on the battlefield at a single time. Division based control and a realistic chain of command allow you to command a huge number of soldiers quickly and efficiently.

Highly Strategic Formations
The player can choose from 16 army formations and 12 division formations - all based on real historical formations used in feudall Japan.

Tournament Style Two-Player Mode
Go head-to-head with friends over LAN/Internet. Your multiplayer armies grow and improve through battle.

Detailed Maps
Over 36 highly detailed maps set the backdrop for combat. Hills, water, trees, and weather all affect your soldiers.

Historically Based Storyline
Campaign games follow a non-linear storyline based on actual historical battles and events. Explore the what-if possibilities of Takeda's career through over 40 different battles.

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System Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT 4.0
  • AMD K6-2 200 MHz or equivalent
  • 128MB RAM
  • 1 Gigabyte hard disk space
  • Video Card with 4MB RAM (capable of 1024x768 resolution)

Recommended Requirements

  • AMD K6-3 400MHz or equivalent
  • DirectSound 3.0 compatible sound card
  • Network interface card and/or modem (for TCP/IP and Internet play)
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