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DreamCatcher Interactive
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Intensive single-player experience!

Product Information

Under the Overlord’s ruthless control, Harbinger’s shadow has fallen across countless worlds. Ravaged by endless conflict, the lumbering war machine carries her scars like trophies. Where lesser ships have fallen, Harbinger stands: a monument to her master’s destructive appetites.

But within her cold walls the old alliances are fracturing. Today, the Overlord’s dominance is threatened from all corners. The corruptive Vantir, first and oldest aboard Harbinger, continue to spread like a rampant infection throughout the ship. The tribal Scintilla, placated for decades with false promises and half-truths, are once again rising to take the blood oaths of their ancestors. But it’s the newcomers that pose the greatest threat here. The bug-like Cimicidae have arrived and with them a wave of change that threatens to rip this ship apart.

That is where you come in. A member of a small raider community, these corridors are the only home you’ve known. You’ve been living on scraps with enemies on all sides. Death is always a misstep behind. Sometimes you do the Overlord’s dirty work. Sometimes you do your own. We live by unspoken laws down here and the bloodhungry are never far behind. This is your destiny. The choices you make now will affect everything from here on. Choose wisely.

Product Features


  • Human:  Wielding a vast arsenal and armed with natural cunning and tenacity, the human stands fearlessly against the hordes that threaten his very survival.
  • Gladiator:  A victim of Harbinger's
  • Culibine:  The last of her kind, the Culibine subjugates the very energy around her to bring hope to the forsaken and freedom to the oppressed. The Culibine is the most expensive of the three characters to maintain.


  • Vantir:  After the humans, the Vantir are Harbinger’s oldest residents. It could be argued their presence was the catalyst that transformed a simple census vessel into the giant warship Harbin.
  • Cimicidae:  Little is known of Cimicidae society except they are fearless, well organized. There have been rumors of a controlling Overmind and some form of hive mentality.
  • Scintilla:  Though few in numbers, the Scintilla rank among Harbinger’s most powerful elite. Since the arrival of the Cimicidae, a small number of Scintilla have regained their long lost power to energize.
  • Herps:  Generally more of a nuisance than a true enemy, these worms can be found nearly everywhere aboard Harbinger. There have also been reports of mutant Herps.
  • Biters:  Packs of wild Biters can be found roaming the surface of Aegis 9. While not the smartest of animals, their keen senses and sharp teeth have proven fatal to the unprepared.
  • Flying Bug:  Giant  hives of these nsects can be found on the surface of Aegis 9. Their powerful jaws and propensity to attack in swarms make
    these bugs formidable


  • Every character type has their own unique class of gadgets they can use. The Gladiator has player-controlled goodies (like cameras and a few surprises). The human has drop gadgets (different mine classes and special situation devices). The Culibine has amplifiers (helper robots that orbit her when they are enabled) and certain classes of these can attack enemies.
  • The human has equipable weapons, armor and helmet. The gladiator has torso, melee and ranged weapons that can be swapped out. The Culibine has swappable gauntlets. Yes, the character's appearance reflects the equipped items.
  • 20-25 hours of gameplay per character type. Every character has a unique interface, all unique items (health, weapons, gadgets etc.) and a unique sub-story.

Product Reviews

"Just what is Hegemonia?  Only the best space RTS game to ever come to this galaxy and land on your PC."
     - Game Chronicles Magazine

"...boasts not only luscious visuals, but promises to breathe new life into the deathly quiet genre of sci-fi 3D RTS gaming"
     - GameSpy

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Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98, 2000, Me, XP
  • 600 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 4X CD/DVD-ROM Drive
  • 550MB of Hard Drive Space
  • 16 MB Direct3D compatible Video Card
  • DirectX 8.0a compatible Sound Card
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Supported 3D Cards: All NVIDIA GeForce cards, ATI Radeon, Matrox MGA-G550, Matrox Parhelia, Kyro II cards

Recommended Requirements

  • 1 GHz or faster CPU

  • 256 MB of RAM

  • 16X or faster CD/DVD-ROM Drive

  • 32 MB or greater Direct3D compatible Video Card

  • EAX-compatible Sound Card

Multiplayer Requirements

  • 1 disc per player per computer

  • Internet (2-8 players): 56 Kbps or faster Internet connection

  • Network (2-8 players): TCP/IP compliant network connection Internet service required for Internet play.


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