Thinkin' Things Sky Island Mysteries for Windows/Mac
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Reading & Language Skills
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8 - 12
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Cracking cases builds brainpower!

Product Information

Students engage their higher-order thinking skills as they solve the Sky Island mysteries. Students practice skills that will help in their daily lives, such as how to prioritize tasks, manage time and resources, and communicate using multimedia elements. 

Observation, research, experimentation, and reasoning skills are exercised as students sleuth their way through the activities. The understanding and application of these skills help students think critically and build their problem-solving abilities. 

Thinkin' Things Sky Island Mysteries is TouchWindow-compatible. Build research, experimentation, inquiry, and analytical skills. Prioritize tasks and multitask. Practice conditional reasoning. Strengthen inductive and deductive reasoning. Provide divergent thinking opportunities. Use the rebus activity for a leisure-time option, social opportunity, or reward.

Sky-High Thinking Fun!

Skills Learned

  • Solve 14 Mysteries
  • Tackle Hundreds of Critical Thinking Problems
  • Boost Reading Comprehension Skills
  • Prioritize and Multi-Task

Product Features

Clue Central
Examine your clues for hints, then search a file of 3,000 suspects. Was the scoundrel who stole the Orange River someone who likes kumquats? Only you can solve the mystery!

Airshow Island

Make multiple planes do loops, dives and rolls. Help them land before their fuel tanks run dry. Only careful planning gets each show off the ground!

Stadium Island
Can you make Fripples work together, based on their individual behaviors? Order must prevail or confusion erupts!

Rebus Island
Can you decode riddles, fun facts and phrases made only with sounds, pictures, and animated mini-movies?

Additional Features

  • 14 intriguing mysteries
  • 4 islands full of interesting challenges
  • 3000 suspects to investigate
  • Dozens of skill levels - choose how hard you want to think
  • 3 modes of play: Q&A, exploration and challenge

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Windows Requirements

  • Windows 95/98 - enhanced mode   (not XP or Vista compatible)
  • 486/66 MHz, Pentium or better
  • Hard disk with 12 MB free
  • 8 MB RAM
  • 640x480, 256 colors
  • Double speed (2X) or faster CD-ROM drive
  • Windows-compatible output sound card

Macintosh Requirements

  • System  7.0.1 to 9.0
  • 68040 PowerPC or later
  • 8 MB RAM (RAM), 5000K unused (for PowerPC, 16MB RAM, 7000K unused)
  • 640x480, 256 colors
  • Double speed (2X) or faster CD-ROM drive
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