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Turn your child's natural curiosity into Scientific Exploration

Product Information

Your child is naturally inquisitive about the surrounding world.  Thinkin' Science excites this curiosity with fun-filled activities that use scientific tools to solve problems and explain basic science concepts.

Everyday objects come to life to teach your child Earth, Life and Physical Science topics covered in first and second grades.

Five environments introduce students to the scientific methods and concepts needed to understand basic Earth, life, and physical sciences.

Introduce your child to the fun and mystery of science!

Skills Learned
  • Scientific Reasoning
  • Animal Tracking
  • Motion and Gravity
  • Logical and Sequential Thinking
  • Deductive Reasoning
  • Problem-Solving Strategies
  • Observation and Prediction
  • Memory Strategies
  • Manipulation of Variables
  • Earth's Rotation
  • Day, Night and Seasons

Activities Include

How Well Can You Remember What You See?

Sharpen your observation and memory skills by returning animals to where you first saw them!

Physics Becomes Child's Play!
Experiment with ramps, catapults and pendulums to learn about the physics of motion.

Who Made This Track?
Count toes, consider behavior and habitat, and examine shape, pattern and size as you learn about animals.

Change Day to Night
Rotate the Earth to learn how sunlight and the Earth's rotation interact to make day and night! thinkin' Science helps your child use the computer o grasp difficult science concepts.

What's Hiding in the Mystery Cave?
Deduce what's in the Mystery Cave by using data on smell, texture, color, shape, size and weight.

Kid-Friendly Research Tool

Easy-to-use Science Web tells more about animals, physics and Earth Science

Product Features

  • Coverage of major topics in K-2 science curriculums
  • Hundreds of problems
  • Kid-Friendly Research Tool
  • Physics Becomes Child's Play!
  • What's Hiding in the Mystery Cave?
  • How Well Can You Remember What You See
  • Who Made This Track?

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Windows Requirements

  • Windows 95/98/Me/XP
  • 486, Pentium or better (33 MHz or faster)
  • Hard disk with 5 MB free
  • 8 MB memory (RAM)
  • 640x480, 256-color monitor
  • Double-speed (2X) or faster CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse
  • Windows-compatible sound card

Macintosh Requirements

  • Mac 7.5.6 - 9.x
  • 68040 or 68030 processor (25 MHz or faster recommended) or PowerPC
  • 8 MB memory (RAM), 16 MB recommended
  • 640x480, 256-color monitor
  • Double-speed (2X) or faster CD-ROM drive


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