Everquest: Shadows of Luclin for Windows PC
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The World of EverQuest Will Never be the Same

Product Information

Requires the full version of EverQuest

Luclin, the ringed moon of Norrath has been rediscovered, and now adventurers can explore its vast and uncharted territories.

From the darkest dungeons inhabited by the vilest of creatures, to the lofty spires of an ancient and advanced civilization, epic journeys and quests await the hearty souls who make the voyage to Luclin.

Included is a foldout pamphlet providing the History of Luclin and Vah Shir, a Map of Luclin, Zone Maps, and pages for you to keep a journal.


Product Features

  • Experience a massive 3D overhaul with high resolution player character modes and completely retextured zones, including the original world of Norrath and all previous expansions.
  • See the world through a cat's eye! Play as the new Vah Shir cat man race or BeastLord class.
  • Mount up! Horses have now been tamed in the lands of Norrath. These noble steeds will carry you across the world at incredible speeds.
  • The moonscape of Luclin adds over 24 new perilous zones to explore.

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Minimum Requirements

  • Windows 98/2000/Me/XP
  • Pentium II 400 or greater (Pentium III recommended)
  • 256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended)
  • 3D Accelerator card required
  • Direct3D compliant video card with 16MB of RAM and hardware T&L (i.e. Nvidia GeForce/GeForce2) (32MB recommended)
  • DirectX 8.0 compatible sound card
  • 28.8k + Internet connection (56.6k + Internet connection recommended)
  • 4x speed CD-ROM drive (16x speed CD-ROM drive recommended)
  • 450+ MB hard drive space (1.5 GB +
  • DirectX 8.0 or greater is required
  • Supports Microsoft 3D in resolutions 1600x1200
  • Valid credit car required. Internet connection required to set up your EverQuest account. Players are responsible for all applicable fees.
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