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A game for the next millennium

Product Information

Sinistar®: Unleashed blasts you into a hostile universe fraught with danger. A space dwelling species of supreme evil is on the verge of creating the ultimate bio-mechanical weapon: the Sinistar. When they succeed, they will invade our universe, annihilating humanity and all other life. You must destroy these evil beings before they embark on their malevolent crusade. But time grows short...
  You must fight your way to the center of the Sinistar cosmos. You pilot the best humanity can build: a living, sentient ship of awesome power and potential.

Hyper-aggressive enemy warriors swarm on each level of the Sinistar universe. On most levels, they build a portal, stoking it with Sinisite crystals to jump the Sinistar into our universe.

As you battle through each level, you must gather the crystals that power your destructive arsenal. Success in combat wins you more weapons, more ship upgrades, and more powerful items that you can  turn against an increasingly dangerous and clever enemy. Sinistar: Unleashed’s render-on-the-fly 3D visual effects tower above the current generation of games. GameFX has used the newest, most advanced hardware technology to develop an awesome new 3D universe. Advanced texture-mapping technology, plasma lighting effects, and particle systems make Sinistar: Unleashed a game for the next millennium.

Imagine the excitement of chasing an enemy warrior through a dense asteroid field while delivering tons of radiant ordnance to his hull. Experience the exquisite beauty of a full spread of tactical ion bursts exploding in a frenzy of firestorms. Marvel at the deadly ballet of the Sinistar, as you meet in a duel to the death.

Product Features
  • Ultra-fluid spacecraft control 
  • Breakthrough hardware-accelerated 3D graphics
  • Cinematic real-time lighting and special effects
  • 24 single player levels, including 5 bonus levels
  • More than 25 uniquely dynamic enemies each controlled by advanced AI and their own arsenal of weapons, deadly attacks and evil personalities
  • Intimate combat sequences with intricately detailed enemy fighters
  • 6 different fighters from which to select, each featuring a huge arsenal of destructive force
  • Compelling CD quality electronica/trance soundtrack
  • 10 weapons, 7 specials, and many power-ups are available for your use to rain destruction on the enemy 
  • Force feedback support
  • Resource Allocation – mine crystals and use them to power your weapons

Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
System Requirements
  • 233 MHz Intel® Pentium® II processor PC
  • Microsoft® Windows® 95 or Windows 98/me operating system
  • 64 MB Memory
  • Direct3D 3D accelerator board or 3Dfx accelerator board (Voodoo Graphics®, Voodoo2™, Voodoo Banshee™, or Voodoo3™)
  • 4x speed CD-ROM drive
  • Sound Blaster® 16 (or compatible) sound card
  • Joystick optional but recommended; mouse optional
Recommended Requirements
  • 300 MHz Intel Pentium II processor PC
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98/Me operating system
  • 64 MB Memory
  • AGP 3D accelerator capable of 1024x768x32-bit rendering
  • 12x speed CD-ROM drive
  • PCI EAX or A3D sound card
  • Four-button joystick with rudder control and throttle; three-button mouse optional
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