Thinkin' Things Collection 1
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Children 9 and Under
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4 - 8
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Develop thinking skills essential for learning success!

Product Information

In this rapidly changing world, kids with strong thinking skills will thrive and excel. That's why Edmark developed Thinkin' Things Collection 1, a set of tools and toys that strengthen auditory and visual discrimination, develop spatial awareness, and foster visual and musical creativity. With a strong grasp of these skills, your child is ready to succeed.

Product Features

Orange Banga
Create musical sounds and patterns and listen to Oranga play them! Or listen closely and try to duplicate the pattern Oranga plays for you.  You can even play in the dark!

BLOX - Flying Spheres
Build your own creations using flying spheres. Add music, change colors and backgrounds, make the spheres move in different directions, and more.

Toony Loon
Build listening skills and auditory memory as you create tunes with Toony Loon on the wacky xylophones! Can you repeat the pattern Toony plays for you?

Feathered Friends
Can you choose the right color, body pattern, hat, and shoes to make the kind of bird the baby birds ask you to create? Or you can design your own Feathered Friend!

BLOX - Flying Shapes
Combine geometric shapes in various sizes and colors to create pictures that spin, bounce, and move across the screen. You can even add your own sounds.

Fripple Shop
Your job is to find the Fripple that matches the attributes requested by the customer. See or hear the customer's order with the phone or fax,, then choose the right Fripple!

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Windows Requirements

  • 486 Processor
  • Windows 95, 98, Me (Not XP or Vista compatible)
  • 8MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • Super VGA
  • Hard disk with 2MB free
  • Mouse
  • Windows compatible sound output device
  • Microphone (optional)

Macintosh Requirements

  • Mac OS 7.1.2 to Mac OS x in Classic Mode
  • Power PC or later
  • 16MB RAM
  • 7000K unused
  • 640x480, thousands of colors
  • 2X or faster CD-ROM drive
  • Microphone (optional)
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