Seagate ST9146803SS Savvio 10K.3 146GB SAS 2.5" Internal Hard Drive
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  • Optimal balance for more hard drive storage efficiency.

    The Seagate® Savvio® 10K.5 drive provides the optimal balance of high capacity (up to 900 GB), performance and low power in a 2.5-inch enterprise drive. These hard drives are ideal for use in enterprise storage arrays and servers.

    The Savvio 10K.5 hard drive enables OEMs, system builders and data centers to:

    • Improve data storage efficiency, reduce cooling and energy costs
    • Ease capacity, interface and form factor transitions
    • Optimize small form factor (SFF) drives with four capacity points on a single platform
    • Ensure data integrity and protection with Self-Encrypting Drives (SED) and FIPS 140-2 Validated™ SED security options

  • Improves data storage efficiency.

    The high capacities of Savvio 10K drives enable users to manage more data without increasing the number of drives. These drives also increase sustained data rate performance while maintaining favorable power consumption rates.

    The latest Savvio 10K.5 drives deliver:

    • 50% increase in capacity over previous generation
    • 18% increase in sustained data rate performance over previous generation
    • Reduced cooling and energy costs

  • Reduces system complexity. Optimizes ROI.

    Savvio 10K drives help reduce system complexity by enabling data centers to standardize on a single small form factor, SAS storage interface and encryption technology.

    The latest generation drive, Savvio 10K.5, offers flexibility during capacity, interface and form factor upgrades. With four capacity points on the same platform and four Gb/S Fibre Channel interface support, these drives enable current and next generation systems for optimal return on investment.

  • Protects critical data.

    Savvio 10K drives offer a range of options to maximize data integrity and security. Protection Information (PI) detects corruption of data in flight between the host and the drive, while SED models help secure data against unauthorized access upon drive loss, theft or retirement.

    For more stringent regulatory compliance needs, Savvio 10K SED drives are also available in FIPS 140-2 Validated™ SED models.


  • Save with PowerChoice technology.

    Savvio 10K drives combine low power consumption, single form factor SFF and Seagate® PowerChoice™ technology to deliver optimal energy efficiency and increase user flexibility.

    Purpose-built for enterprise environments, the PowerChoice feature for T10-compliant power management enables green IT initiatives by empowering end users to tailor systems for optimal performance and energy usage.

  • Eases upgrades and transitions

    Savvio 10K hard drives offer OEMs and data center managers easy flexibility when upgrading and transitioning data storage systems. These enterprise drives help simplify support of current systems and optimize returns on investment.

    With four capacity points on a single platform, Savvio 10K.5 drives make it simple to:

    • Maintain or upgrade capacity
    • Transition from 3.5-inch to 2.5-inch form factors
    • Migrate from Fibre Channel to SAS at your convenience

    In short, Savvio 10K.5 drives can help simplify support of current systems and optimize returns on investments.

  • Data security and protection.

    Savvio10K drives support Protection Information (PI)1 technology, which can help to preserve the integrity of data-in-flight. Additionally, these drives offer Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)2 options that help secure data-at-rest throughout the life of the device.

    • SED models with Seagate® Instant Secure Erase technology cut IT drive retirement costs while securely protecting data where it lives – on the drive
    • Meets regulatory data security compliance requirements and is FIPS 140-2 Validated™ to protect Sensitive but Unclassified and Protected class data
    • Seagate SED technology also eliminates the need to overwrite or physically destroy drives for security purposes. This enables organizations to securely return, repurpose or sell the drive, thereby reducing drive retirement costs.


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  • Perfect when you need to:

    • Build mission-critical servers and external storage arrays
    • Equip power- and space-constrained data centers
    • Comply with security-driven IT requirements
    • Enable green IT initiatives
    • Easily migrate from Fibre Channel or 3.5-inch drive systems to next-generation technology

In the Box

    • The highest capacity and best reliability available in a 10K-RPM enterprise drive
    • Reduced system complexity
    • Flexibility while upgrading and transitioning data storage systems
    • SED and FIPS 140-2 Validated™ drive options1
    • First SFF drive to offer four capacity points on a single platform


Formatted Capacity146 GB
Form Factor2.5
Spindle Speed (RPM)10000
Cache (MB)16
Transfer Rate, Max Ext (MB/s)600
Sustained Data Rate OD124 MB/s
Average Latency (ms)3.0
Reliability/Data Integrity
Nonrecoverable Read Errors per Bits Read1 in 1016
Annualized Failure Rate (AFR)0.55 %
Power Management
Idle, Typical Operating (W)3.48
Operating5° to 55°C
Non-operating-40° to 70°C
Operating: Gs (ms)25 (2ms)
Non-operating: Gs (ms)300 (2ms)
Acoustics (bels - sound power)
Height (in/mm)0.591/15.00
Width (in/mm)2.760/70.10
Length (in/mm)3.955/100.45
Weight (lb/g)0.50/227
InterfaceSAS 6Gb/s
Spindle Speed (RPM)10000RPM
Cache (MB)16MB
Areal Density252
Maximum Operating Shock25Gs
Typical Weight227g
AFR0.55 %
Operating Temperature55°C


  1. 1 Protection Information (Pl) feature requires Pl-compliant host or controller support.
  2. 2 Self–Encrypting Drives (SED) and FIPS 140–2 Validated drives are not available in all models or countries. May require TCG–compliant host or controller support. TM: A Certification Mark of NIST, which does not imply product endorsement by NIST, the U.S., or Canadian governments.

General Information

This product is sourced from the open market in the best available condition.

The Seagate Savvio 10K.3 drive offers the best combination of power efficiency and enterprise performance, with large capacity for mainstream server and external storage applications for the enterprise.

Technical Information
Storage Capacity:146 GB

Drive Performance
Maximum External Data Transfer Rate:600 MB/s (4.7 Gbit/s)
Spindle Speed (rpm):10000
Buffer:16 MB

Drive Interface:SAS
Drive Interface Standard:6Gb/s SAS

Physical Characteristics
Drive Type:Internal
Drive Width:2.5"
Hot Swappable:Yes
Weight (Approximate):8.01 oz

Environmentally Friendly:Yes
Environmental Certification:RoHS
Device Supported:Storage System

Additional Warranty Information:
  • Product does not ship from original manufacturer
  • Product may not be eligible for original manufacturer warranty, rebates or programs
  • Direct replacement warranty provided by Ingram Micro (1 year for components, 3 year for systems)
  • Product ships from IMSourcing facility within 2-3 days or from stock
  • BULK, REF, and NOB Product may ship in non-standard packaging
  • All returns processed directly from IMSourcing
  • Where applicable, -RF or -IM indicates an IMSourcing certified pre-owned product

  • Product images may differ from actual product appearance.
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