Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 5000 v12
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Professional tools for detailed home design

Product Information

Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 5000 v12 features fast performance and professional tools to bring a higher level of realism to your design projects.  Integrated CAD technology and photographic-quality views make it easy to design every detail exactly the way you want it, from home to landscape and deck, and more.  Drag and drop elements into your design, then walk or fly through to tour just like a video game.  Plus scan, trace, and draw ideas you want to add into the system.  Punch! Home Design Architectural Series 5000 v12 has easy-to-use tools to get you to the design results you want more quickly.

Product Benefits
  • Total Home, Landscape, and Interior Design - Powerful yet easy tools offer total control for every phase of your project including architectural details, colors, materials, foundation, landscape, pools, decks, and topography.
  • Realistic Shadows, Lighting and Reflections - Technology with photo-realistic reflections creates perfect viewing for your design or client presentation.  Shadows, sun angle, even the time of day and location can be controlled.
  • Powerful Object Creation Tools - An integrated, full-featured CAD toolset allows creation of virtually any object for your design, or editing of existing objects in the included extensive library.

Product Highlights
Home Design, Remodel and Extras
  • Inspiration is Just a Click Away - Templates for rooms, decks, and pools allow you to start right away. Plus, take advantage of wizards for roofing, rooms, cabinets, and trim for precision controls.
  • Professional, Editable Elevations - Dynamically edit within elevation views.  Elevations can be rendered in selectable views.  You can also choose elevations with or without dimensioning.
  • RealModel - Puch! RealModel takes your home design and automatically creates needed templates to build a 3D model.  Choose a scale, print out, and assemble the numbered sections.
  • PhotoView with PhotoView Editor - Add your favorite real-world objects using scanned photos or a digital camera.  Mask or enhance your photo with PhotoView Editor or any image editing program if needed.
  • Material Modifier - Customize any material color or scale from the program's library.  Match paint color or siding, change brick or stone size, tints, and more.
  • Layout Manager - Create a customized "page" or color board of your design that lets you specify views and details of your plan.  Even insert images from other programs
  • Doors and Windows - Editable Preset and Custom Door and Window Libraries give you hundreds of drag-and-drop design possibilities.  Click on any item - change any attribute.
  • Precision Lighting Planner - Whether interior or exterior, the Lighting Planner features controls for beam direction and glow options, plus go from day to night lighting in one mouse click.
  • Room Wizard - Choose your room, type dimensions, and Room Wizard automatically creates all dimensioned walls instantly.
  • Roofing Wizard - Automatically creates roofing for your design - even multi-story and irregular shaped designs.
  • Cabinet Wizard - Automatically creates editable custom cabinetry based on style, details, and dimensions.
  • Trim Designer - Automatically creates trim work for wainscot, baseboards, crown moulding and more.  Edit supplied trim profiles or create your own.
  • Animator - Animator - Animator creates a self-running .avi video walk or fly through.  Show your design to family, friends or clients.  Camera angle, speed, and elevation are all user-definable.
  • Estimator - Home Estimator produces a handy price report in an editable, printable spreadsheet format. Enter the labor and material costs for your locality and Home Estimator does the rest.
  • Professional Plan View - View individual or combined phase layers.  Detailed views include slabs and beams, air ducts and registers, plumbing fixtures and drains, hip, gable, and custom roofs, multiple elevations, electrical fixtures, receptacles, switches 110/220v, fans, and more.

Landscape, Decks, and Pools
  • Deck Designer with Wizard - The Deck Wizard takes you step-by-step to design custom features and automatically creates your deck to your specs.
  • Pool Designer - Draw from scratch, use and edit predrawn templates  or let Pool Wizard create your pool to your exact specs.  Choose in or above-ground styles, vinyl lined or composition, multiple depths, shapes, spa combos, and more.
  • Fence Designer - Versatile tool lets you design fences with any custom material, color, or photo object - even draw your design freehand.  Create custom fence insets, gates, or combinations of building materials.
  • Aerial Views 2D, 3D or Bird's Eye - Aerial Views are perfect for sharing your ideas with your landscape designer or nursery.
  • PlantFinder - PlantFinder suggests landscape plantings based on your parameters including International zones, sunlight, soil, water, and propagation.
  • Site Planner - Enter coordinates and dimensions from your plot plan, legal description, or in-field measurements.  Site Planner auto-generates your property line as you enter the coordinates.
  • Topo Designer - Add real-world topography to your building site.  Trace over your topo lines while pro tools make editing easy - automatically cutting or adding fill and building pad to your design.
  • More Included Landscape and Deck Design Features - Multi-level and multi-story decks, sprinkler systems, Estimator inventories plants as you draw, custom lighting effects for pools and patio design plus sun angle and shadows, custom walk and paths, edging and trim.

Interior Design

  • Advanced Stair Options - Mix textures like stain and paint on stair railings, balusters, and steps.
  • Color Sampling - Sample the color of any object and match paint to walls, trim, complement carpeting or other room furnishings.
  • Custom Details - Curved stairs, arched doorways, custom designed trim, realistic shadows and reflections.
  • Ceiling Designer - Auto-generate custom tray and recessed ceilings to your specs.  Add custom designed trim in a snap.
  • Mantel Designer - Quick and easy Mantel Designer lets you choose custom styles and trim to create a unique and fully detailed mantel design.
  • Brand Name Product Libraries - Thousands of possibilities, featuring faux finishes, interior and exterior paint, wood floors, solid surfaces, blinds, stone, and much more.  Nationally recognized decorating materials you can try out in your design.
  • Decorator Palette - Change all paint colors, siding, roofing, wood stain, anything in your design with a single mouse click.  You can save your custom palettes for later use.

3D Custom Workshop Pro

  • Design, Edit, Download, and Insert Your Own CAD Objects - Professional CAD tools and functions now include Booleans for adding or subtracting objects, blends, and chamfers for custom edging, complex extrudes, and more.
  • Convert Existing Drawings to Punch! 3D - Convert your entire drawing and/or selected items.  Export to popular file formats with options for render quality and size. 3DS import allows conversion of thousands of available pre-drawn objects for import into you Punch! drawing.
  • LogiCursor - LogiCursor anticipates your next move dynamically, locating centers, endpoints, and many more as you draw.
  • Major Features - The 3D Custom Workshop Pro features a professional set of powerful CAD tools to create any object for you design including data sharing with SketchUp, 3D Studio, and Adobe Illustrator; edge treatments and Booleans; and profile sweeping on multiple parts.
  • 3D and 2D Views - Toggle 2D and 3D views on the fly with a single mouse click.

Windows System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Vista
  • Intel Pentium 3, Celeron, or compatible 1.0 GHz processor or higher (dual-core processors and those with Hyper-Threading Technology supported
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 4.5 GB of available hard disk space
  • VGA video card displaying at least 1024 x 768 with 24-bit color (32-bit if available)
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • 64 MB of video card memory
  • Optional Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or above to use Punch! Updater

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