Tangle Creations Learning with Tangle Brain Tools Book
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Uniquely designed football for outdoor and water play

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The Tangle Creations Learning With Tangle Brain Tools Book to introduce the "playful path to meaningful learning at home and in school."  Brimming with ideas to get you started and keep learning fun and effective with Tangle, the book is a fun and easy-to-use resource for anyone who cares for children and wants them to learn and grow.  Information and activities using Tangle are presented in an organized way that lets you easily flip through the pages and instantly hit upon a meaningful tangle that works for you.

Product Features
  • Two sections: Tangle-ing with Children Grades Pre K-3 and Tangle-ing with Children in Grades 4-6
  • Dozens of practical activities for K-6 students, homeschool students, and students with special needs
  • Shows how Tangles can be used to teach concepts such as patterns, math skills, and more
  • Learning With Tangle Brain Tools Book comes with one Tangle Creations Tangle Jr. toy

  • Chapter 1 - About This Book: What's Inside and How to Use the Information
  • Chapter 2 - Welcome to the Wonderful World of Tangles
  • Chapter 3 - What Research Reveals about the Brain and Learning - and How Tangles Can Help
  • Chapter 4 - Setting the Stage for Tangle Use in the Classroom
  • Chapter 5 - Introducing Tangles in the Classroom
  • Chapter 6 - Tangle-ing with Students with Special Needs
  • Chapter 7 - Tangle-ing with Students in Grades Pre-K - 3
  • Chapter 8 - Tangle-ing with Students in Grades 4 - 6

  • Number of Pages:  Approx. 63 pages
  • Tangle Colors:  Random Colors
  • Tangle Size:  Includes Tangle Jr. Toy with 20 pieces that are approx. 1" each

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