Aliens Infestation (Nintendo DS)
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Game over, man, game over!

Product Information

In Aliens Infestation, the Xenomorph - the ultimate killing machine - has returned.  Only the universe's toughest, the Colonial Marine, can exterminate the galaxy's most feared species.  Immerse yourself in the Aliens universe on Nintendo DS in this action-packed platform shooter with a hardcore, retro feel and a deep storyline that tailors itself to your game.  Rescue captured comrades and battle hordes of Xenomorphs with a vast array of weaponry from the Aliens film.  Can you fight off the terror that meets you on every level of an alien infestation?

Product Highlights
  • Choose your squad and watch the dynamic story system adapt
  • Pick up where the Aliens crew left off
  • Fight through the U.S.S. Sulaco, planet LV-426, and more
  • Load up with iconic weapons from the film - pulse rifles, smart guns, etc.

Product Features
  • The Aliens Universe - The Aliens universe provides a setting full of horror, suspense, and action.  Using authentic environments inspired by the film series including the Sulaco and LV-426, the player will be immersed in an eerie, atmospheric world where any moment could bring their death.
  • Deep and Rewarding Combat - Wield authentic weapons from the films, including the pulse rifle, smart gun, flamethrower, and more.  Use cover and blindfire to outshoot Xenos or sneak through the Sulaco in stealth missions - but watch out for Xenos lurking in the dark.
  • Build Your Own Squad - Recruit up to twenty individual Colonial Marines with distinct personalities, each designed by famed comic artist Chris Bachalo.  Race to rescue captured comrades in five real-time minutes before they are implanted with Xenos.
  • Dynamic Story System - Storyline and dialogue will change depending on who you have chosen for your team.  Who will be able to stand up to the Xeno horde - and who will be dragged away to the hive?
  • Classic Arcade Feel - Aliens Infestation features 2D side-scrolling gameplay in the style of Metroid or Castlevania with an arcade, retro feel.  This couples with a deep combat system and extensive narrative to make this the ultimate in fan-service.

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