Tron: Evolution (Playstation 3)
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Playstation 3
Disney Interactive
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Experience the prequel story to Tron: Legacy

Product Information

In Tron: Evolution, a new program, "Anon," is called to the Grid to discover the origins of the Abraxas virus and to investigate the disappearance of its creator, Kevin Flynn.  Anon must befriend Quorra and the ISO faction leaders to defeat the deadly Abraxas virus that threatens to shut down the grid.  Tron:  Evolution reveals a deep, immersive story while delivering lots of action, challenging combat, and thrills.  Add to that a list of fantastic features and you've got a game with what it takes to stand up to the Grid.

Product Highlights
  • High Mobility Combat - Battle the enemies of the Tron world with your light disc using a dynamic blend of free-running and martial arts movement on your heroic mission across the grid.
  • Vehicular Action - Fast-paced, exciting light cycle racing and combat using Tron world rules.
  • Bridge the Legacy - Experience the prequel story to the film Tron: Legacy and unlock the mysteries in the rich mythology while advancing through thrilling gameplay and sequences.
  • Online Multiplayer - Tron: Evolution offers an innovative online experience featuring persistent character progression.

Product Features
  • 3D compatible game - Experience Tron in stunning high-definition 3D
  • PlayStation Move Compatible
  • Battle ruthless enemies with intense light disc combat
  • Race through the world of Tron thrilling light cycle chases
  • Seamlessly connect from story mode into 10 player online battles

  • Players:  1 Player
  • Network Players:  2-10 Players
  • Required Hard Drive Space:  1.9 GB
  • HD Video Output:  480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • Compatibility:  DualShock 3, Headset, 3D

System Requirements
  • Video output in Full HD 1080p requires an HDMI cable and a 1080p native display with an HDMI input supporting HDCP
  • PS3 system software v3.30 or later
  • 3D display with compatible 3D active glasses and high-speed HDMI (all sold separately) required for 3D features
  • For PS Move functionality, use motion controller and PlayStation Eye camera (sold separately)
  • PlayStation Network Features:  Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Lobbies/Matchmaking, Messaging/Friend Invite in Game, Voice Chat, Add-on Content, PlayStation Home, Trophies

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