Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident (Nintendo Wii)
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How far will one man go to save the love of his life?

Product Information

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident makes you the detective as you solve puzzles to unravel the mystery of Malgrave Island.  Enjoy the sights but keep your wits sharp, as Winston Malgrage needs your help.  A wealthy but sickly industrialist, he visited the island in search of its legendary healing waters - and became the Malgrave Island's curator, to its great prosperity.  Suddenly the island closed its doors to visitors, and no one has heard from Malgrave since.  He has reached out to you, the master detective of the famed Mystery Case Files Detective Agency.  Mr. Malgrave delivered a registered post to you - and to you only.  No one else has dared open it.  One can only wonder what he needs.

Product Highlights
  • Adventure Mode - Explore a detailed world, scour multi-layered hidden-object scenes, and find key items to solve the mysteries of Malgrave Island.
  • The Device - This strange contraption with a familiar shape collects the glowing dust deposits found around the island.  It also acts as a communication receiver (Wii Remote Contoller sold separately).
  • Puzzles - As you explore Malgrave Island, you may encounter puzzles in the environment aside from the various hidden-object scenes.  These puzzles may only be solved with a specific item found elsewhere in your travels - and may require a bit of mental muscle.
  • Hidden Objects - A hidden-object scene is a scene that looks ordinary...until you look closely.  You start to see a number of hidden items, as you zoom in and out of the multi-layered puzzle.  Your job as a detective is to find these objects and use them to solve the case.
  • Case Book - You'll keep a variety of clues in your Case Book, some of which may shed light on the mystery and aid you in your investigation.  Certain collectibles may reveal key details about the characters in this tale, while a sketched map of the island will help you navigate your surroundings much more easily.
  • Inventory - Certain useful-looking items found along the way will be kept in your Inventory, and may assist you in your investigation.
  • Play with Others - You can connect up to four Wii Remote controllers to play hidden-object scenes together with friends or family, from Classic Pick, to Co-op Multiplayer Mode, to Swift Pick, and to Tick Tick Pick (Additional Wii Remote controllers sold separately).

Product Features
  • Find hidden objects while unlocking the secrets of Malgrave Island
  • Locate cleverly hidden objects in detailed scenes
  • Challenge your friends in three exciting multiplayer modes
  • Navigate the twists and turns of a gripping mystery
  • Find clues and solve puzzles as you explore a detailed 3D world

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