Maelstrom: The Battle for Earth Begins
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Determine the fate of Earth in a destructive, futuristic strategy game

Product Information

Maelstrom: The Battle for Earth Begins is a futuristic real-time strategy game with a post-apocalyptic setting.  Earth, ravaged by years of war and environmental disasters worldwide, is under threat of alien invasion.  Survivors of the global population are divided into two warring factions, but in the midst of their struggle for dominance enter invaders from a distant galaxy.  In this game, players will fight for control of the planet on one of the three parties with unique tactical gameplay and features.

Product Highlights
  • Remnant - The resistance fighters, led by former U.S. Army general James Buchanan, are skilled craftsmen or guerrilla warfare.  In this conflict they are most disadvantaged due to the lack of technology, but they have the uper hand in army size and sophisticated military tactics.
  • Corporation "Ascent" - Ascension Industries Corporation under Arlan Khan.  In his hands, the Corporation has concentrated all the latest advanced in science and technology, including robotics Transformation.  However, the origin of these technologies remains a mystery...
  • Hai-Genti - Mysterious aliens in search of the planet as refuge and a source of resources for their people.  They are fluent in bio-engineering technologies, and their views are many and varied, from huge monsters to hordes of small creatures.

Product Features
  • Modify the terrain and use the elements as a strategic weapon - create valleys, carve out lakes, freeze water, melt ice, and even control tornadoes.
  • Annihilate the enemy from a third person perspective with direct control of hero units.
  • A multitude of unit options to open up a wide range of tactics.
  • Control conventional weapons, futuristic high tech weapons, and living weapons.
  • Command three factions, each with unique identities and abilities, realized with graphically stunning models.
  • Characters grow experience and level up with new abilities as you progress through the game.
  • Intense, addictive six player multiplayer gameplay, with different modes and online ranking.

Windows System Requirements
  • Windows XP
  • Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or Athlon XP 2400+ processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 4.5 GB of hard disk space
  • Supported 64 MB graphics card
  • DirectX 9c
  • DirectX 9-compatible sound card
  • 2x DVD-ROM drive

  • Windows XP
  • Pentium 4 at 3.0 GHz or Athlon XP 2800+ processor
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 4.5 GB of hard disk space
  • GeForce 7800 or Radeon X1800 graphics card
  • DirectX 9c
  • DirectX 9-compatible sound card
  • 2x DVD-ROM drive

Supported Graphics Cards:

  • ATI Radeon:  9200, 9500, 9600, 9700, 9800, X700, X850, X1300, X1600, X1800, X1900, X1950
  • Nvidia:  GeForce 4 (not MX), FX 5200, 5600, 5700, 5800, 5900, 5950, 6800, 7800, 7900, 7950

Note:  Not compatible with all integrated sound/graphics solutions (including laptops).

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