Squishy Tank (Nintendo DS)
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Nintendo DS
Natsume Inc
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Many tanks for the puzzle fun!

Product Information

In Squishy Tank, it's time to roll out, Private, because you've just enlisted in hilarious puzzle fun.  Squishy tank is an easy-to-learn, tough-to-master puzzle game for players of all ages.  Tap on identically-colored blocks in groups of three or more to earn points.  Match the stage goals before time expires and you'll emerge triumphant.  Wacky items and power-ups keep the action fresh and exciting.  Squishy Tank also features a hilarious story that's sure to charm players with its whimsical characters and dialog.

Product Features
  • Red, green, yellow, blue, purple!  Quickly tap on identically colored blocks of three or more so you can regain precious seconds on the stage timer
  • Battle through the four challenging game modes and you'll unlock a trio of fun arcade mini games and even a new wardrobe of squishy tank accessories
  • As you finish each stage in Story Mode, you'll unlock a new animated episode featuring Squishy Tank mishaps, miscalculations, and mechanized mayhem
  • Share a demo of the game with family and friends via local wireless DS Single-Card Download Play

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