Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic (Nintendo DS)
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Nintendo DS
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Discover and hatch 20 magic eggs with a surprising pet in each

Product Information

Petz takes the joy of having a pet in a whole new direction with this chance to take care of some truly magical creatures. Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic sends you to a fantasy world where you will discover mysterious eggs. Who knows what you'll find when they hatch! Raise amazing creatures, each with their own personality quirks, behavior habits, and magical powers. Feed them, clean them, train them, and play games together. Most importantly: teach your pet to become a hidden random object in the house so your parents don't find it. There are 20 creatures to raise in Petz Fantasy: Moonlight Magic, and 20 more in Petz Fantasy: Sunshine Magic. (not included)

Product Features
  • Discover and hatch 20 different magical Petz - Discover and take care of 20 unique creatures with different habits and personalities in the Moonlight Magic game
  • Care for your magical Petz to help them grow - Feed them, clean them, play fun games, and learn their preferences to help them grow. Discover your Petz favorite food - one will like cotton candy, another Tabasco sauce.
  • Dress them up in fun costumes and accessories - Unlock tons of accessories and up to 20 different costumes. Does your pet love food? Maybe a chef costume is more suitable for their personality. How about a Princess, Pirate, or Rockstar?
  • Keep them secret from your parents - Teach your fantasy Petz to morph into household objects, like toaster ovens or lamps, to keep them secret from your parents.
  • Teach them magical powers in fun mini-games - Fantasy Petz come from a world with 4 types of powers: Flight, Ice, Fire or Speed. Play fun mini-games to guide them to shoot fire balls or ice bombs, and race through magic tunnels or fly through a magical sky

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