Kodak Truper 3610 Sheetfed Scanner - 600 dpi Optical - 24-bit Color - 8-bit Grayscale - USB
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Exceptional. Fast producing. Ready for duty.

In addition to delivering outstanding scanning technology and bundled feature sets—including VRS Professional, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection and Advanced Color Dropout—Trūper Scanners also deliver real-world value. The combination of high productivity and affordable pricing makes this series the obvious choice for reducing the total cost of scanning.


  • Available in two distinct models, it's easy to find one that's just right for you. Trūper 3610, our rotary-only scanner, is compact — but don't let its size fool you. Packed with built-in intelligence and image enhancement features, this super-fast scanner reduces document preparation time and delivers high-quality images consistently.

    Equipped with a flatbed, the Trūper 3210 model can help you also ace trickier documents like bound materials and fragile papers.

    With a daily duty cycle of 15,000 pages and speeds of 95 pages per minute Trūper is equipped to tackle all your scanning needs. Yes, even if you want to scan a 3,875-foot document. Trūper did just that, scanning a custom-made fetal monitor strip to set a Guinness World Record for the Longest Scanned Document.

    Long document scanning is only one of the many features that help Trūper field a range of document types without missing a beat. Visit our features section to learn more.

    If you want to ask a lot of your low-volume production scanner, you've got to give Trūper a try. Trūper is the perfect solution for busy offices, service bureau overflow and businesses that deal with tricky, unconventional documents. Let us show you why.


    With a high daily duty cycle and automated efficiency features like Auto Orientation and Blank Page Deletion, Trūper reduces document preparation time and helps streamline your workflow.

    Trūper diversifies.

    We've taken our best high-volume scanning features and applied them to the low-volume category to create two distinct scanner models that stand out from the pack in terms of functionality, efficiency and durability.

    Feed Your Need for Speed (and Endurance).

    As one of the fastest low-volume scanners on the market, Trūper helps you streamline document management in your office quickly and efficiently. Both models can scan at speeds up to 95 pages per minute or 190 images per minute.

    Plus, with a daily duty cycle of 15,000 scans, Trūper has endurance, which is vital to maintaining an efficient workflow in busy finance, insurance, transportation and government offices.

    Conquer Multifeeds.

    Trūper includes ultrasonic multifeed detection technology to ensure that all your documents get scanned without exception. Here's how it works: when Trūper runs into a multifeed it stops scanning to allow you to simply reinsert the pages and resume scanning.

    Still, we know there are times when you need to scan documents that can trigger multifeeds even when you don't want them to. Using Trūper's multifeed ignore setting, an operator can simply choose to allow exception documents like sticky notes, photographs or envelopes to pass through the scanner.

    Scan Long or Short.

    Trūper doesn't discriminate between your documents. No matter if they're large, small, bound or just different, Trūper has them covered.
  • Long document scanning

    Long document scanning comes standard on Trūper. It's the perfect cost- and time-saving solution for healthcare institutions that need to digitize vital patient records like electrocardiogram and fetal monitoring strips. Plus, it's easy to use. Your employees can switch easily between long document and regular page length modes directly from the scanner's user interface.

    Trūper also can handle your slightly smaller, but still challenging, documents.  While Trūper 3600, our compact rotary only model, is the perfect solution for your office's daily document imaging needs, you can use Trūper 3200's flatbed capabilities to scan bound materials, fragile paper or irregularly shaped and sized documents.

    Prep Less, Work More.

    Trūper is one scanner that lets you spend more time doing your job and less time preparing documents to scan.

    The automatic document feeder can hold up to 200 sheets at a time. Further, it's built to accept wider documents, a feature that gives you added flexibility. It can handle documents from 1.9 x 2.8 inches (48 x 70 mm) to 11.9 x 25 inches (302 x 635 mm).

    Plus, Trūper comes bundled with image enhancement tools that include a number of labor and time saving features.

    Image Quality. Trūper comes packaged with image enhancement features that optimize brightness and contrast to deliver sharp image quality and ensure better OCR/ICR recognition rates.

    Trūper is obsessed with details. That's why it optimizes your scanned images to give you clear digitized versions of your most important documents. Go ahead and scan with confidence.

  • Be Accurate.

    In addition to optimizing scanned images up to 600 dpi, both Trūper models come bundled with VirtualReScan® (VRS) image enhancement that automatically crops, deskews and adjusts every scanned image for brightness and contrast.

    VRS also offers several time-saving and efficiency tools:

    • Auto Color Detect detects color and bitonal documents so you don't have to sort documents by color before you scan.
    • Auto Orientation rotates scanned images so they're always displayed right side up — regardless of the direction in which you fed the document to the scanner.
    • Blank Page Deletion saves you valuable storage space and the time of having to go through your document batch and delete blank pages.

    With Trūper and VRS you save time and always get the vital facts on your most important documents.

    For those who need the option, Trūper also includes direct ISIS and TWAIN drivers.

    Choose Your Colors.

    When it comes to forms processing, you need the most accurate digital images possible. Trūper's Advanced Color Dropout technology helps improve OCR/ICR accuracy by helping remove up to six custom colors at the same time. This is especially handy when you're dealing with forms or other problematic multicolored documents.

    Additionally, Color Background Saturation allows you to save file space and improve image legibility by turning multicolored backgrounds into monochromatic backgrounds. This can save up to 40% in file space.

    As you can tell, no matter what kind of document you're dealing with, Trūper ensures that you don't miss a detail.

    Low Cost of Scanning. Trūper is evidence that value is more important than list price. Easy maintenance and few consumables make Trūper one of the most cost-effective low-volume scanners around.

    Trūper offers value. fficiency, Image Quality, Reliability. And by removing hidden costs and simplifying scanner maintenance, Trūper reduces your overall cost of scanning.

    Make Life Simpler.

    The cost of consumables and service calls can wear you down. So we equipped Trūper with long-lasting parts. For instance, because Trūper's Xenon lamp only stays on when documents are being scanned, it lasts the life of the scanner.

    Further, you can track the health of the scanner using Trūper's User Utility tool. Use this tool to track the total number of scans or look at the recommended cleaning schedule. The User Utility also tracks maintenance activities and helps operators diagnose and troubleshoot any problems.

    In fact, operators can perform most scanner maintenance. The scanner comes with a roller cleaning kit and blower accessory for sprucing up image sensors and keeping Trūper in top form.

    Consume Less.

    Since we hate hidden costs and love making your life easier, we've included everything you need to get Trūper scanning right out of the box. The cleaning kit and blower accessory are just two of those tools we package with the scanner. Here are the rest:

    • VirtualReScan® (VRS)
    • Direct ISIS and TWAIN drivers
    • USB 2.0 cable
    • A quick installation checklist

    Additionally, both Trūper 3210 and 3610 use the same consumable kits. This uniformity reduces confusion when you're trying to find the right tools for your Trūper model. You will have more time to enjoy the efficiency and image quality features that make Trūper one of the best values on the market.


Scanning Speed Letter Size Color at 200 dpiLandscape/Portrait
3600Simplex 95 ppm Duplex 190 ipm
3200Simplex 95 ppm Duplex 190 ipm
Scanning Mode 
3600Simplex and Duplex
3200Simplex, Duplex and Flatbed
Feeder Capacitiy200 pages of 17 lbs. (64 g/m2) paper
Document Size 
Flatbed (Trūper 3200 Only)Approximately 11.7 x 17 in. (297 x 432 mm)
ADFScanning Size: Approximately 1.9 x 2.8 in. (48 x 70 mm) to 11.9 x 25 in. (302 x 635 mm) Long document Scanning Mode: unlimited length
Paper Thickness (ADF)2.0 to 5.9 mils (0.05 to 0.15 mm) Note: 1 mil = 1/1000 in.
Paper Weight (ADF)10.6 to 34 lbs. (40 to 127 g/m2)
ResolutionBinary or Grayscale: 100-600 dpi (dots per inch) Color (with VRS): 100 - 400 dpi, Optical: 600 dpi
Output OptionsBitonal, Grayscale (8 bit), and Color (24 bit)
Image EnhancementVRS 4.2 Professional features include Auto Cropping, Deskew, Auto Brightness, Contrast Control, Auto Color Detect, Auto Orientation, Advanced Clarity and Blank Page Deletion.
Scanner SizeTrūper 3600 18.9 x 17.3 x 11.4 inch (48 x 44 x 29 cm) Trūper 3200 30 x 20 x 11.4 inch (76 x 51 x 29 cm) Note: When the document cover is open, height is 22 in. (56 cm)
Pre-Scan ImprinterOption - Pre-Scan imprinter allows users to print a user-defined text "string" upon the front side of your documents on a "pre-scan" basis - that is, before they are scanned.
Scanner WeightTrūper 3600: 47 lbs. (21 kg) Trūper 3200: 64 lbs. (29 kg)
InterfaceUSB 2.0 enhanced (cable included) SCSI III (50 pin, Trūper 3200 only)
Power RequirementsAC 100 - 120 V, 50/60 Hz AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Power ConsumptionAC 100 - 120 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum (scanning)1.4A (Trūper 3600) 1.5A (Trūper 3200)
Minimum (Standby)0.6 A
Sleep Mode6 W
Operating Temperature & HumidityTemperature: 59 degrees F to 86 degrees F (15 degrees C to 30 degrees C) Humidity: 30 % to 80% RH
Storage Temperature & HumidityTemperature: 59 degrees F to 95 degrees (15 degrees C to 35 degrees C) Humidity: 10% to 80% RH
Additional FeaturesLong Document Handling, End User Replaceable Feeder Rollers (Up to 300,000 scans), Advanced Color Dropout, Switchable Background (Black/White), Ultrasonic Multifeed with Multifeed Ignore, Scan Time Bar Code Recognition (with VRS 4.2 Professional), MultiStream (Direct ISIS Only)

Product Tour

  1. Production Scanning Features
  2. Flexible Automatic Document Feeder
  3. Image Enhancement Capabilities Ensures Great Image Quality
  4. Productivity Tools

Production Scanning Features

  • Simplex scanning at up to 95 ppm
  • Single pass duplex scanning at 190 ipm
  • Optical resolution: 600 dpi
  • Recommended daily volume: 15,000 pages 

Flexible Automatic Document Feeder

  • Holds up to 200 sheets
  • Feeds long originals such as electrocardiogram (EKG strips)
  • Flexible, handles a wide range or paper weights from 10.6 to 34 lbs
  • ADF feeds originals from narrow 1.9" documents to 11.9" wide documents

Image Enhancement Capabilities Ensures Great Image Quality

  • Auto Cropping
  • Deskew
  • Auto Brightness
  • Bar Code Detection

Productivity Tools

  • Ultrasonic Multifeed Detection: catches double-feeds and minimizes rescans
  • Blank Page Deletion: reduces document preparation time
  • Auto Color Detect: eliminates the need to sort documents by color
  • Auto Orientation: allows mixing of landscape and portrait documents 
Product Tour
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  • Trūper: A versatile performer for fast, reliable scanning.

    We know busy offices need quick and reliable scanning for everyday documents. Enter Trūper, a low-volume production scanner that can bring a new level of speed, durability and ease-of-use to your imaging operation — all while reducing your total cost to scan

General Information

In addition to delivering outstanding scanning technology and bundled feature sets - including VRS Professional, Ultrasonic Multi-feed Detection and Advanced Color Dropout - Truper Scanners also deliver real-world value. The combination of high productivity and affordable pricing makes this series the obvious choice for reducing the total cost of scanning.

Technical Information
Image Sensor:CCD
Optical Resolution:600 dpi
Scan Color:Color
Color Depth:24-bit
Grayscale Depth:8-bit
Maximum Mono Scan Speed (ppm):90
Maximum Color Scan Speed (ppm):90
Maximum Mono Scan Speed (ipm):180
Maximum Color Scan Speed (ipm):180
Media Type:Business Card
Media Size:1.90" x 2.80"
ADF Capacity:200 Sheets


Software Included:
  • Kofax VCDemo
  • Kofax Scan Demo

Power Description
Power Source:AC Supply
Input Voltage:240 V AC

Physical Characteristics
Weight (Approximate):47 lb

Package Contents:
  • Truper 3610 Sheetfed Scanner
  • Power Cord
  • USB 2.0 Cable
  • Roller Cleaning Kit
Platform Supported:PC
Green Compliant:Yes
Green Compliance Certificate/Authority:ENERGY STAR
Country of Origin:China

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