Mystery Games Triple Pack (Hide & Secret, Nancy Drew & Mystery Cookbook)
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3 Full-Featured Mysteries to Solve... are you up for the challenge?

Product Information

Put your detective skills to the test  as you journey to 30 locations around the world in Hide & Secret: Treasure of Ages as you stay hot on the trail of the villainous thief Jacques and put a stop to his plans for world domination.  Search for clues that will help you finger the culprit who vandalized a whale watching boat in Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island.  Seek out the pages of the Mystery Cookbook and cook your way to the top of your field.  

Product Titles Included

  • Hide & Secret: Treasure of the Ages
  • Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island
  • Mystery Cookbook

Product Overview

Hide & Secret: Treasure of the Ages

Do you have an eye for adventure and a nose for fun? Then embark on a journey to recover the Treasure of the Ages from the evil Jacques, who together with his henchman, Toadie, stole the priceless antiquities from the museum for which you work. To complete your mission, you must capture Jacques before he can harness the power of the treasure and take over the world.

As Will Scout, your quest will take you and your beautiful assistant, Anna Lyze, to 30 hotspots around the globe. At each location, you'll search for the clues that will keep you tight on the trail of Jacques. Using your mouse, you'll scour dozens of screens for hundreds of items hidden within plain sight. Can you stop Jacques from carrying out his nefarious plan?


  • Access to 30 locations across the globe
  • Unlimited game time
  • The complete story

Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island

A much anticipated vacation to a remote island in the Pacific Northwest abruptly runs aground when you, as Nancy Drew, discover that an unseen assailant has vandalized the whale-watching boat owned by your host, Katie Firestone.  But that's just the first in a string of nasty "accidents."  Is the trouble in Snake Horse Harbor related to the orphaned orca whale roaming the nearby channel, or is there a deeper threat shrouded in the approaching fog?  Set a course for Danger on Deception Island!

Shipwrecks, shanghais and sea monsters; Snake Horse Harbor's troubled past is older than the abandoned lighthouse, but locals thought the bad times were over.  Then a lone orca appears in the harbor, launching a heated dispute: What to do with an orphan whale?  When someone begins taking destructive measures to deep six the town's good intentions, it's up to you, as Nancy Drew, to net the culprit before he or she drags you to the bottom!  Navigate risky waters as Nancy Drew to snag a slippery foe!


  • Few folks will admit anything about the area's shameful history, but some old clues won't wash away.
  • Lost whales tell no tales or do they?  Learn about orcas and other sea creatures at the Center for Observation and Appreciation of Marine Life.
  • Local tempers boil at the Hot Kettle Cafe.  Is a vandalized whale-watching boat a random act or is there deeper trouble to be dredged?
  • Meaningful messages or foolish flotsam?  Floating bottles lead Nancy Drew on a kayak cruise through a dangerous sea cave maze.
  • Roving sea monsters, hidden valuables, midnight smugglers
  • Kayak in dangerous waters and shadowy sea caves.
  • Two difficulty settings: Junior and Senior Detective.
  • Use Nancy's cell phone to research topics and call Nancy's friends for game hints.
  • Use "Second Chance" to erase mistakes and try again.

Mystery Cookbook

It's bon appetite as you take the role of a go-getting mouse who's out to become a skilled chef. To help him, you'll scour nearly a dozen locations for hundreds of hidden items and interact with an assortment of amusing characters as you search for the pages of a secret cookbook. Can you solve Gary the Goose's riddles? Will you help Scrunch the Hamster return to Mexico? And can you find all of the ingredients your master needs for the grand cook off? Packed with adventure and brimming with laughs, Mystery Cookbook is a delightful hidden object challenge for gamers with good taste!


  • 55 levels to solve
  • 800 objects to find
  • Six types of mini-games

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Windows Requirements

  • Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Pentium III 800 MHz processor
  • 256 MB free RAM
  • 200 MB or more free Hard Drive space
  • 32 MB DirectX compatible Video Card
  • 16-bit DirectX compatible Sound Card
  • 8X CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse
  • Speakers
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